McDonald's new Spicy Chicken McNuggets will be available for a limited time.

McDonald's Is Launching SPICY Chicken McNuggets In The U.S. For The First Time Ever

Courtesy of McDonald's

Get ready for a big change on your next McDonald's run. The fast food chain is rolling out an inaugural flavor update to one of its most beloved menu items: the Chicken McNugget. The McDonald's staple was launched back in 1983, and the release of McDonald's new Spicy Chicken McNuggets marks the first change to its OG formula in the United States in 37 years. The new Spicy McNuggets will be released in just a few weeks, and they might be the fire update you've been waiting for.

Starting on Wednesday, Sept. 16, McNugget fans can head to participating U.S. McDonald's locations for a spicy twist on a go-to order. Just like the original, the new Spicy Chicken McNuggets start with a base of 100% chicken breast meat, but the kick comes in the crispy tempura breading, which will be seasoned with a blend of cayenne and chili peppers. According to McDonald's Aug. 25 press release announcing the news, these kicked up Spicy Chicken McNuggets will pack some serious heat. The limited-time offering will be availble in 6-, 10-, 20-, or 40-piece meals, and pricing will be priced based on the location.

For customers looking to add even more heat to their nuggs, the Golden Arches will also be releasing an accompanying dipping sauce. The Mighty Hot Sauce, which will also be available for a limited time starting on Sept. 16, will bring on the heat with a blend of crushed red pepper and fiery chilis, which are tempered with a mix of garlic and sweetness. The dipping sauce will be McDonald's first new one since 2017, and it sounds like the perfect way to dial up the spiciness on the new McNuggets or add some extra flavor to any of your other McDonald's favorites. Pricing for the new Mighty Hot Sauce as an addition to your order will vary by location.

Courtesy of McDonald's

In addition to these new savory offerings, McDonald's will be celebrating the changing of seasons by releasing a new sweet treat: the Chips Ahoy McFlurry. This new dessert blends the company's signature vanilla soft serve with a caramel topping and chunks of Chips Ahoy Cookies, making it a refreshing option to end your meal or enjoy on a warm fall day. The limited-edition item will be available in Snack and Regular sizes as of Sept. 16.

When these new items hit menus, customers can grab them at McDonald's locations nationwide or order ahead for pick-up or delivery. In accordance with coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Aug. 3, if you decide to pick up your order or otherwise come into contact with other people, you'll want to wear a face mask, keep at least 6 feet of distance when possible, and wash your hands after handling your to-go order.

Unfortunately, these tasty new menu items will only be around for a limited time, so mark your calendar for Sept. 16 and make sure to take full advantage of these new bites while you can.

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