May 2021 Will Be The Best Month For These Zodiac Signs

May Will Be Eventful In The Best Possible Ways For These Zodiac Signs

Get ready, because May is coming at you fast and there are so many things to look forward to during this sublime, romantic, and sensual time of year. After all, this is the month in which the sun travels through grounded, steady, and pleasure-seeking Taurus, reminding you to take it easy and connect with the beauty of the world through your five senses. It's also when the sun will journey through witty, intelligent, and versatile Gemini, encouraging you to look at things from different perspectives and absorb knowledge like a sponge. May 2021 will be the best month for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Gemini, and Pisces — and you're about to find out why.

So many magical things are happening this month. For one thing, on May 13, Jupiter — planet of expansion, luck, and abundance — will enter its home zodiac sign of Pisces. This will initiate a period of so much positive and free-flowing energy. When Jupiter begins its tour through Pisces, it will encourage kindness, compassion, and spiritual connection. It will also increase the level of imaginative thinking, paving the way for creative and artistic breakthroughs.

However, that doesn't mean the month of May will be easy. In fact, on May 26, there will be a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. In astrology, a lunar eclipse replaces the full moon of the month, emphasizing the experience to a much higher degree. A lunar eclipse (aka a blood moon) can initiate unexpected changes that throw you for a loop and force you to adapt.

On top of it all, Mercury retrograde will begin on May 29 in the sign of Gemini. Even though this Mercury retrograde won't begin until the end of the month, you'll still feel the confusing and frustrating effects of the pre-shadow period, which will begin around two weeks beforehand.

One thing's for sure: May will be an incredibly eventful month. Here's what the following zodiac signs can expect:


Taurus: You're Embracing Your Identity And Your Self-Esteem

This month is your month, Taurus. After all, it begins with the sun in your zodiac sign, radiating the energy that suits you best. This part of your solar return will be centered on defining your purpose and acknowledging your inner strengths. There's no better time to put your efforts into building up your self-esteem so that you're not placing your value on things that have nothing to do with you. Allow your confidence to be sourced from deep within.

Gemini: You're Feeling More Attractive And Worthy Of Love

The month begins with Mercury and Venus both entering your zodiac sign by May 8, Gemini. This will ease you into the month of May with excitement and a boost in energy, encouraging you to absorb all the positive, loving, and intriguing vibrations that are headed your way. However, Gemini season is when things may get a little intense. After all, it's when a lunar eclipse takes place in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, which could leave you feeling open to so much uncertainty and change.

Pisces: You're On The Verge Of So Much Abundance And Growth

You're in for an exciting and mind-blowing journey, Pisces. After all, Jupiter enters your zodiac sign on May 13, concentrating all of its expansive and abundant energy directly upon you. So much growth is headed your way, and although it may feel intense at times, it's also opening a limitless number of doors for you. This transit will encourage you to be open-minded and to try something new. There is so much energy headed your way, and if you embrace it fully, it could take you on an adventure.