May 13, 2021 Will Be The Best For Aquarius

Financial Abundance Is Coming For Aquarius 1 Day This Month

While spring tends to bring many new beginnings for others, this year has already been very transformative for you. With Jupiter and Saturn traveling through your first house of self since December 2020, I'm sure you've noticed the personal growth that's taken place in your life. You are blossoming, and May is the perfect time to lean into all of this newfound growth. While you've been prioritizing yourself and your journey, the resources you have access to are starting to evolve, too. May 13, 2021 will be the best day for Aquarius, because it's bringing monumental growth to your money and possessions.

The keyword for 2021 for you is definitely expansion, and it's taking shape in many different ways (more specifically, houses) in your birth chart. As I mentioned, Jupiter — planet of pure growth and abundance — has been traveling through your first house of self since the end of last year. It's accompanied by Saturn — planet of boundaries and limitations — and when these planets travel through a sign together, they tend to balance each other out. In order to grow to your fullest potential, you're being required to address any self-limiting thoughts or habits that are standing in your way. As the rebel of the zodiac, navigating that has likely been a breeze, and on May 13, you'll finally start to reap some lucrative benefits.

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Why May 13, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Aquarius

Since Jupiter is considered The Greater Benefic in astrology, it always tends to bring fortunate outcomes. When Jupiter moves into one of the signs it rules, however — the beneficial qualities of Jupiter are really emphasized. On May 13, Jupiter will be moving into your second house of money and possessions, bringing growth, opportunity and luck to your financial endeavors. While Jupiter's in Pisces, you'll start to notice heightened intuition pertaining to your money and financial situations that seemingly improve out of nowhere. This is Jupiter in full effect, standing strong in the sign that it rules. May 13 will be the perfect time to do some manifesting pertaining to your finances, so be sure to use this transit to your benefit. As an air sign, speaking things into existence or writing out goals and ideas is a great way to use your element in a beneficial way.

Since Jupiter will be stationing retrograde in Pisces on June 21, it's essential to take advantage of this Jupiter energy before it's affected by the retrograde. Once Jupiter stations retrograde, it'll remain that way until Oct. 18, so be sure to prioritize your finances between May 13 and June 21. Over the course of the year, Jupiter will go back and forth from your first and second house (thank you, retrograde), so personal growth and financial abundance will truly be the biggest themes of the year for you. 2021 is your year to shine, so be sure to take advantage of this exciting new energy.