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These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week Of May 11, But It'll All Be OK


When your foray into the astrology world first began, I bet you loved learning all the positive things about your zodiac sign and laughing at all the hilarious astrology memes out there. However, once your vested interest in astrology started getting more serious, I'm sure you were disappointed to find it's not all fun and games. As a matter of fact, there's a very dark and serious side to astrology, which is why it should come as no shock to you that May 11, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs. After all, thats just the nature of astrology, isn't it? Sometimes your horoscope is so awesome you can't stop raving about it. Other times? Well, you just have to cross your fingers and hope your astrologer was way off the mark. If your zodiac sign happens to be Aries, Gemini, or Libra, I certainly hope you have a great week despite making it on my unfortunate little list. And, if not, I'll do my best to warn you of what's to come.

After all, three planets station retrograde this week in May. You read that correctly. This is not a drill. Before you start freaking out, the only retrograde you'll probably notice is Venus retrograde, which begins on May 13 and lasts all the way until June 25. Being the planet of love, luxury, friendship, style, and romance, you'll probably notice problems occurring on all these fronts. Common symptoms of Venus retrograde? Quarrels with your partner, fashion errors, unrequited affection, and overspending the money you know you should be saving. Since this retrograde takes place in chatty and fickle Gemini, you might find yourself struggling with issues related to commitment as well as communication. It might be time to learn how to speak someone's love language a little more fluently.

Without further ado, here's why the following zodiac signs are feeling a bit blue:


Aries: You Might Feel Exhausted, Slow-Moving, And Unmotivated

You're a zodiac sign that prefers to constantly be on the go. After all, you're ruled by Mars — planet of movement and energy — and if you're not moving, you're probably feeling rather restless. However, this week, you might find your energy levels have lowered, as though your gut instinct is to finally have a moment of rest. Listen to your gut, Aries. If you're not accomplishing a whole lot, there's no reason to take that personally. Everyone — even you — occasionally needs some respite.

Gemini: You May Feel Like You're All Alone With Your Problems

It's one thing to be going through a hard time knowing many others share in your difficulties. However, this week, you might feel as though you're the only person who feels as low as you do. Luckily, this is all in your head, because everyone has felt the way you do at some point, Gemini. But when your mind convinces you that you're all alone with your feelings, it can be hard to snap out of it. Remember to reach out and share your heart with others this week. It could make all the difference.

Libra: You Might Sense That Something In Your Life Is Ending

All good things come to an end, Libra. You're in the midst of a transformational period, and in order for a transformation to fully take place, you must find it within yourself to let go of what no longer has a place in your life. Whether this is something as big as leaving a relationship that's going nowhere behind or something as small as breaking a bad habit preventing you from getting your work done, you're feeling the pressure to get your act together. Be kind to yourself. This is a process. There's no need to rush things.