Max Ehrich Dropped A Breakup Song About Demi & It's A LOT To Take In

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It didn't take long for Max Ehrich to channel his breakup from Demi Lovato into some musical creativity. Ehrich dropped his new single, a breakup ballad called "Afraid," on Friday, Oct. 16, and it's pretty intense. Max Ehrich's "Afraid" lyrics about his breakup with Demi Lovato are a lot.

Ehrich proposed to Lovato on a beach in Malibu on July 22, and the couple announced their engagement on Instagram the same night. People reported on Sept. 22 that Lovato and Ehrich had ended their relationship exactly two months after their picturesque proposal. Following their split, Ehrich was spotted publicly crying on the beach where he popped the question. Meanwhile, besides dropping her breakup anthem "Still Have Me," Lovato has remained mostly silent about the split.

Now, Ehrich has poured his heart and soul into "Afraid," and the lyrics express exactly how he feels.

Ehrich didn't hold back in the first verse when he sang: "I'm afraid to give her my heart / I'm afraid to lose against love / I'm afraid, afraid to be broken apart / So I play, I play safe / Hold up my guard / There's more to give and enjoy / I want to throw you all the ropes /Afraid, afraid , afraid of losing / Afraid of bruising / Don't want another big hole in my heart."

Take a listen to the full song below.

The rest of the song is just as deep, and seems to address Lovato directly. "I'm afraid to be overthrown," he sings at one point. "And you, you're so amazing. Smile so sweet ... you're so beautiful." Ehrich goes on to sing about not wanting to disappoint Lovato, and croon over how she makes him feel "so good inside."

"I've been broken so many times, I'm just trying to stay alive," he sings. "I'm afraid."

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After Ehrich released his track, he wrote on Instagram: "From the bottom of my hopeful romantic heart- infinitely grateful to be releasing the first song off of my music project."