Here's What To Know About Matthew Lewis's Love Life, Because Neville Glowed Up

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The most surprising plot twist of the Harry Potter saga had nothing to do with the books or movies themselves. What on earth could I be referring to, you ask? Neville Longbottom’s glow-up. Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville during his teenage years, is seriously smokin’ and still killing it in the acting world. And as for Matthew Lewis’ relationship status, that’s a story you don’t want to miss — it even has its own Harry Potter connection.

Lewis’ wife, Angela Jones, doesn’t come from the Hollywood world. When she met Lewis in January 2016, she was working as an Event Manager at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. He was in town for an event at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter... and well, the rest is history.

They apparently hit it off immediately, and by that summer they were dating long-distance between Florida and the UK. The pair got engaged in Paris in December 2016, and they married in a breathtaking Italian ceremony in May 2018. They’re now living together in Los Angeles, according to Jones' blog. Seriously, how freaking gorgeous are these two?!

Am I the only one who thinks young Neville would be thrilled to hear this news? Jones is basically his real-life Hannah Abbott, minus the magical abilities. But who needs witchcraft when you have a Muggle love story this sweet?

In the years before he met Jones, Lewis was linked to a couple different girlfriends, but overall he’s a pretty private guy. In 2011, he walked the red carpet with rumored girlfriend Shinead Husband, and in 2012 he was reported to be dating teacher Alison Wynd. (Elite Daily has reached out to Lewis' reps for comment on these rumored relationships and has not heard back by the time of publication.) Since then, there hasn’t been much news about Lewis’ love life — until Jones came on the scene, that is!

I love seeing these two so happy, and while I totally respect them for wanting to keep things private, I hope to see them on the red carpet together soon. And is anyone else wondering whether Daniel Radcliffe attended the wedding? Lewis is still pals with many of his Hogwarts classmates, and he’s even admitted to having a crush on Emma Watson during their early years of filming. (Honestly, same. Who could blame him?) Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) posted this photo of himself hanging out with Watson and Lewis in April 2018, just a month before Lewis’ wedding.

We don’t know for sure whether any of the Harry Potter cast was present for the wedding itself, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

If you’re interested in keeping up with Jones, she has a lifestyle blog called Sunshine State of Me where she shares fashion and travel tips (and the occasional hubby photo on Instagram).

As for Lewis, he’s currently in New Zealand for two months (filming something? I hope!), but otherwise you can catch him in the movie Me Before You, the TV shows Happy Valley and Girlfriends, and even in a series of Drunk History on Comedy Central. Oh, and obviously the entire Harry Potter series. BRB, queuing up The Sorcerer’s Stone as we speak.