Marvel Fans Have Thought Of A Perfect Way To Introduce Deadpool In The MCU

20th Century Fox

Now that Avengers: Endgame has officially come and gone and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is preparing to enter a new frontier with its still mysterious Phase 4, the superhero franchise's fans are all curious about which new heroes will be flying into the Avengers' world in upcoming movies. The X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool are of particular interest, since Disney recently acquired the rights to these iconic heroes, but the question is how the MCU will bring them in. Thankfully, Marvel fans already have an idea, pointing out a small Avengers: Endgame scene that could lead to Deadpool's introduction perfectly.

Just two months ago, Disney closed its multi-billion dollar merger deal with 20th Century Fox that grants the movie-making giant access to the Marvel character that Fox has owned for the past several years. The standout acquirements include the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, none of whom have been able to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films before due to copyright laws. But now that the deal has closed and Marvel is entering a new phase focused on introducing new heroes, it feels like the perfect time to bring in the former Fox team.

Reportedly, Marvel is currently exploring ways to introduce Deadpool into the Avengers franchise, and amidst all the discussion, one fan idea has definitely gained the most traction. A now-viral tweet suggests that Marvel show Deadpool playing Fortnite using the gamertag NoobMaster69.

The idea plays off a particularly silly moment in Avengers: Endgame. While the rest of the surviving Avengers continue to try to keep the peace in the years following Thanos' life-destroying snap, Thor instead loses himself to depression and the team discovers that he has gained weight and let his hair grow out into a dirty, unkempt mess. It turns out, Thor has spent all his time drinking and playing video games, and has developed a specific hatred for a rival Fortnite player named NoobMaster69.

It actually would fit very well with Deadpool's character to be introduced as the trolly, video game-player who delights in angering Thor, and Marvel is always looking for clever ways to connect all of their projects.

While this would be a fun introduction for Deadpool and even establish a connection to Thor, the question that still remains is how exactly Disney will use Deadpool. Apparently, Marvel is considering giving Deadpool his own movie, or they might instead hold him back on the small screen and instead introduce him through a limited series on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. The other option that was reportedly being discussed was to introduce Deadpool in the third Spider-Man movie, since the two characters have a long and beloved shared history in the comics, but more recent reports are claiming that Marvel is now more interested in introducing Venom in that movie instead of Deadpool.

Fans will have to just keep waiting to see how Deadpool makes his big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at least we know that it will be worth the wait, because he will definitely be shaking up the whole Avengers' dynamic when he arrives.