If You've Had A Hard Time Vocalizing How You Feel, Mars In Gemini Will Help You Find The Words

Whenever I think about Mars, I think of fire, sexuality, drive, and passion. This planet is responsible for your most primal urges. It influences what makes you angry. It touches on what turns you on. At the end of the day, Mars is the planet of animal instinct. From Mar. 31 to May 15, Mars in Gemini 2019 will color and shape the energy in the cosmos, for better or worse. Let the world hear you roar, baby.

What do you know about dual-sided, chatty, and brainiac Gemini? This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury — planet of logic and communication — and nothing excites Gemini more than a stimulating conversation and an opportunity for intellectual exploration. Gemini is made of mutable air, which endows them the ability to see several different perspectives at once. They love to go with the flow and they can easily learn new techniques. In fact, Gemini is like a sponge for new information. However, imagining fiery and aggressive Mars taking on the tone of flighty and fickle Gemini is a bit strange, isn't it? Gemini is definitely not the first zodiac sign you'd picture with Mars (unless you were born with your natal Mars in Gemini, of course). While this transit will tame the intensity that Mars is known for, it will certainly ignite everyone's inner genius.

Time For Brilliant Ideas And Stimulating Conversations

Mars is where the action happens. It's responsible for your gut instinct and it's where the first spark of inspiration is lit. When it's in Gemini, you'll find that brilliant, innovative ideas are flowing towards you with ease. No matter the predicament, Mars in Gemini searches for a logical and intelligent way to get through it. You'll be able to see a situation from all sides, learn fast, and find a clever and efficient way to deal with life.

If your brain is behaving brilliantly, can you imagine just how fascinating conversations will be during Mars in Gemini? Let's not forget that Gemini is known for their communication skills and charisma. Sharing opinions and learning from others will be at the forefront of Mars in Gemini.

You Might Feel Scatterbrained And Non-Committal

Obviously, there has to be a downside to Mars in Gemini. Mars wants to light a fire and blaze through projects with hot intensity. However, Gemini has so many ideas at once that it's hard to pick one and stick to it. Gemini, while intelligent and capable of seeing many sides of a situation, has the tendency to get easily sidetracked. This makes it difficult to make commitments during Mars in Gemini, as you'd rather be left with an open schedule full of possibility.

Mars in Gemini also has the tendency to leave you feeling bored. If you're not being actively stimulated, you might find your anxiety increasing during this time. Make sure that you stay busy, because if your mind has nothing to do, you'll only create problems for yourself.

Prepare For Word Play, Poetry, And Dirty Talk

As you can probably already tell, the zodiac sign that Mars is in has a lot to do with the sexual energy in the air. If Mars rules over your primal instinct, then that instinct can get pretty carnal, if you know what I mean. Now, since Gemini is such a word-oriented zodiac sign, this is a beautiful time to use words to get your meaning across. Communicate your needs and desires. Get your feelings out by writing in your journal. You'll be surprised by just how gorgeously you're able to express yourself during this time.

Of course, you can just imagine how sexy the dirty talk becomes during Mars in Gemini. It's time for you to send some raunchy texts, whisper naughty things into your partner's ear, and simulate their imagination. Use language to leave them desperate for your touch.