Here's When March's Mercury Retrograde Ends, So You Can Get Your Life Back

How have the last few weeks been treating you? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that they've probably been pretty weird, am I right? After all, Mercury has been retrograde since March 5, and this has definitely been one of the strangest and most affecting Mercury retrogrades I've experienced in a long time. It's enough to make even the most astrology-challenged person Google: When is Mercury retrograde 2019 over? Trust me, I'm in the same exact boat as you are. There's no shame in blaming the cosmos for all your problems.

All jokes aside, this is a highly emotional and sensitive Mercury retrograde for a number of reasons. First of all, it's taking place in Pisces, which is a deeply spiritual, intuitive, artistic, and imaginative zodiac sign. Because Mercury is the planet of communication and cognitive function, it prefers facts over fiction. Try explaining facts over fiction to Pisces and it'll just write even more fiction. The truth is, Mercury and Pisces don't get along very well. Pisces prefers to feel things intuitively, live in the beauty of its own world, and fall in love. Mercury, on the other hand, wants to analyze details, focus on reality, and think things through.

Let's put it this way: Mercury is in detriment when it's in Pisces. This planet is not working the way it prefers to. Add that with a dose of Mercury retrograde and you've got a very strange few weeks, indeed.

Mercury Stations Direct In Pisces On March 28, 2019

When Mercury stations direct after a strange and difficult retrograde, it feels like a breath of fresh air. For this one in particular, the effect will leave you with a renewed sense of self and a rejuvenated connection with your spirit. I know I just did a lot of talking about how Mercury in Pisces is off-kilter time in and of itself, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have something incredibly important to teach you. While Mercury can leave you stuck in your own head, Pisces wants you to reach out and feel the emotional vibrations that cannot be easily simplified by thought. Sometimes you need a reminder that logic isn't the answer to all things.

Pisces is all about selflessness, spirituality, connection, romance, and art. For the past few weeks, you've been grappling with issues pertaining to these subjects. You may have been dealing with problems brought back from the past or conflicted about your overall relationship with such things. This retrograde arrived to help you face these blocks head on.

Mercury Leaves The Post-Retrograde Shadow On April 16, 2019

However, just because Mercury technically stationed direct does not mean that you're completely in the clear of the retrograde madness. Have you ever heard of Mercury's post-retrograde shadow? It essentially defines the time period in which Mercury spends returning back to the same position it was in when it first entered retrograde. As you can imagine, Mercury is still feeling confused during that time. Even though this Mercury retrograde technically ends on March 28, you'll probably still feel some of its bewildering effects all the way up until April 16, just one day before it enters Aries.

The post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde entails coming to a conclusion about the experience. You're coming to terms with the results of the situations you became entangled with. What could you have done differently? How can you learn from the past few weeks? You'll likely continue to feel some of the confusion, even though it's now ebbing away. However, you're able to deal with your habits and mistakes now that you've garnered more wisdom.