March 15, 2021 Will Be The Best for Young Woman With Blue Hair

3 Zodiac Signs Have A Lot To Look Forward To The Week Of March 15

Astrology can be a tool for so many things. It can help you get to know your true nature as you study your birth chart and unearth your deeper idiosyncrasies. It can guide you toward self-improvement as you lean into the better qualities of your zodiac sign. It can even tap into your potential for empathy as you explore other people's birth charts and recognize that everyone is fighting a battle of their own. However, there's one way to use astrology that trumps all of the others, and that's by using it to predict all the amazing days you'll have in the future. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of March 15, 2021, you're in luck, because I've already done it for you. If you happen to be born under the influence of Aries, Gemini, or Pisces, you've got a lot to look forward to.

Aries season begins on March 20. This launches the astrological new year, as Aries is the first sign in the zodiac calendar. It's also the same day as the vernal equinox (aka the first day of spring). When spring begins, it radiates the spiritual energy of rebirth. The cold, frozen temperatures of winter have finally begun to thaw, and as the ice melts into the soil, it provides the nourishment needed for new life to sprout from the earth.

This energy is fertile and powerful as it unleashes your hunger for accomplishment and new experiences. Aries pours its entire heart into everything it sets out on, leading with nothing but pure, unfiltered passion. Let the fire of Aries drag you out of hiding and encourage you to fight harder for your dreams than ever before.


Aries: You're About To Enter An Exciting Chapter Of Your Life

Get excited, Aries. The sun is leaving behind your sleepy 12th house of spirituality and entering your courageous first house of the self this week. This will enliven your entire perspective of life, encouraging you to remember who you are and do exactly what makes you happy. And that's not all. Venus — planet of love and beauty — will also enter Aries on March 21, flushing you with romantic and affectionate vibrations. This might leave you feeling more attractive than usual as friends and lovers clamber for your attention.

Gemini: Prepare For Your Your Inner Fire To Blaze From Within

Ever since Mars — planet of passion and vitality — entered your zodiac sign, you've been dealing with an excess of energy. This may be making you feel more motivated and courageous, but it may also leave you feeling restless, as though you don't know what to do with all this extra fuel. Luckily, on March 21, Mars will form a trine with committed and steady Saturn, focusing your energy in a really grounded, yet focused manner. This energy is giving you so much support as you match your enthusiasm with your ability to stay resilient and invested in your goals, Gemini.

Pisces: You're Thinking And Expressing Yourself More Clearly

Pisces season may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean the excitement is coming to an end. After all, on March 15, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — is entering Pisces. This will stimulate your brain power, up your confidence, and encourage you to speak your mind in a much more meaningful way. If you've been dealing with brain fog and distractions, this shift will likely make all the difference in the world. Use this energy to think with your passions in mind, Pisces.