Mandy Moore's New TV Show ’90’s Popstar’ is going to be based off of her own singing career.

Mandy Moore Is Making A TV Show Based On Her Pop-Star Days That ’90s Kids Will Love

When I think of Mandy Moore, for some reason my brain always goes to Disney's The Princess Diaries and her playing the stereotypical mean girl who also happens to be a cheerleader. Gotta love it. But I also think of her singing career back in the late '90s and early 2000s. Nowadays, people who didn't grow up in that era know Moore best from her portrayal of Rebecca Pearson on the hit TV show, This Is Us. Well, '90s kids, get ready for a trip back to Moore's pop-star days. Mandy Moore's new TV show 90's Popstar is in the works and it's inspired by her iconic singing career. It's so nostaglic I can hardly contain myself.

According to an article on Oct. 11 from Variety, ABC ordered a pilot for a new show, 90's Popstar, that is based off of Mandy Moore's teen pop-star career. It's in the works thanks to writer and executive producer Amanda Lasher. But Moore will executive produce with two of her This Is Us showrunners, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, plus Adam Londy and Regina Lee.

What's the show going to be about? Well, it's a lot like Moore's own story. Variety says that the series will follow "a family from small town Florida" who must "adapt to their extraordinary new reality when their teenage daughter goes from aspiring singer to pop superstar practically overnight." If you've never heard Moore's success story, listen up.

Remember seeing her music videos in the late '90s? Her debut single was a song called "Candy," which became a hit and led to her first album, "So Real," which was released in 1999.

Mandy Moore/YouTube

Don't forget those '90's crop tops that trickled over into the early 2000's. These are demonstrated perfectly by her BFFs in the "Candy" video.

Mandy Moore/YouTube

Honestly, it's too good. I know you loved the '90's as much as I did. And just because I can, remember her as Lana in The Princess Diaries?

Disney/Buena Vista Pictures

If you haven't seen Moore on NBC's This Is Us, then you should probably start catching up with her career. She was great back in the day, and I'm sure you all appreciate the teen '90s version of her, but she hasn't stopped working. Moore earn an Emmy nom for best actress thanks to This Is Us this year, so you might want to start watching so you can catch up ASAP. Back in May 2019, This Is Us was confirmed for three more seasons. The premiere of This Is Us Season 4 aired on Sept. 24, so you are very behind if you haven't caught the show yet.

The new 90's Popstar show may take a while before it's released to the public, but just be happy knowing that it's in the works, so that means you'll get to watch it eventually. It should be interesting, especially with the talented executive producers they have lined up, as well as Marc Webb who is also set to executive produce and direct. If you're unfamiliar with his work, Marc Webb directed 500 Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man.

I'm definitely going to be marking my calendar once the release date is announced for this series.

If you haven't caught This Is Us, you should really start thinking about watching it. In the meantime, though, you can rewatch all of Moore's old music videos on her official YouTube account or check out her cute #TBT posts on her Insta. Like that time Mandy Moore opened for the Backstreet Boys. The '90's were truly golden, and 90's Popstar sounds like it will be the perfect way to relive all of the era's pop-filled glory.