This Luxury Chocolate Easter Egg Is Made With Prosecco For A Boozy Bite

Courtesy of Marks & Spencer

The Easter holiday is just around the corner. Although you may be too old for an Easter basket, it's always OK to gift yourself a little something special just like you might've received when you were a kid. This year, I'm asking the Easter Bunny to bring me M&S' "Proseggo" Easter Egg. First of all, the egg is absolutely gorgeous. I can't stop looking at it. Secondly, I also can't stop imaging what it must taste like. After all, it is made from my favorite Italian white wine.

In case you don't know, M&S is short for Marks & Spencer. The store is a grocery retailer in the U.K. — and its selling the luxurious Proseggo Easter Egg. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, per Marks & Spencer, the Proseggo Easter Egg is only available in the U.K. So, go ahead and book those flights across the pond because this shimmery beauty is too good to pass up.

The Proseggo Easter Egg was created by Katy Patino, according to Marks & Spencer. (On a side note, how do I get that job?) Patino developed the Proseggo Easter Egg using raspberry milk chocolate, blackcurrant, and Prosecco, of course. Some of my favorite food pairings include chocolate and berries. The flavors marry very well together to create a refreshingly fruity taste, followed by a smooth and rich milk chocolate flavor.

Courtesy of Marks & Spencer

Obviously, the only way to make something that's great even better is by adding Prosecco, IMO. Per Marks & Spencer, you'll get just a hint of Prosecco flavor. There are a lot of bold flavors in the Proseggo Easter Egg, so it's nice to know that each one is evenly balanced out. What pairs better with chocolate and fruit than Prosecco? Nothing, IMO.

Aside from the incredibly delicious description of the Proseggo Easter Egg, it is also so gorgeous to look at. Just look at the pictures. The Prosecco-infused egg has a shimmery red and pink glaze that is swirled together on the front of the Easter treat. Tbh, I'd wear a smaller version of the Proseggo Easter Egg as a necklace or a pair of earrings. It's seriously so pretty and *almost* too pretty to eat.

The Proseggo Easter Egg is sold at Marks & Spencer locations for £5, according to the grocery store chain. That price works out to about $6.65 in U.S. dollars, according to a quick Google search. All in all, the Proseggo Easter Egg isn't a bad deal. Just remember it's won't be for sale in U.S. stores, so you'll have to book a roundtrip flight to get it.

Courtesy of Marks & Spencer

This year, Easter takes place on Sunday, April 21. If you're already going to be in the U.K. for Easter, it may be worth your time to stop and check this one out. The combination of berries, chocolate, and Prosecco make it the perfect springtime treat.

I'll be across the pond in late May. That's a full month after the Easter holiday. I'm definitely going to make a quick pit stop at Marks & Spencer to see if the Proseggo Easter Egg is still in stock. I need a bite of this boozy, chocolate creation.