M&M's New Flavor Vote Campaign Winner Is A Nod To The UK

Candy fans and chocolate enthusiasts across the country have been avidly anticipating the decision for the M&M's Flavor Vote Campaign. You may recall earlier this year, when the famous candy brand launched three internationally-inspired M&M'S Peanut flavors, giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite one. Just a few months later, the M&M's Flavor Vote Campaign 2019 winner was finally announced. While all of the flavors sounded amazing, the first prize winner truly deserves the grand title.

Late last year, in September 2018, rumors of M&M's international flavors for the M&M Flavor Vote Campaign broke loose. And in early 2019, they were finally confirmed. The international M&M's flavors were Mexican Jalapeño Peanut, Thai Coconut Peanut, and English Toffee. After several months on in stores, English Toffee Peanut was officially voted as fans' favorite taste experience, according to an Aug. 7 press release.

Starting in August 2019, English Toffee Peanut will officially hit grocery store shelves as an elegant nod to British culture. According to the press release, the new and unique variety features sweet toffee and savory peanuts which are totally covered in rich milk chocolate and enveloped in the brand's colorful crunchy shell. You'll be able to order them directly on the the M&M's website and in-stores at most local retailers across the country. You can buy them in a Share Size, which includes 2.83 ounces, and in a Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch, which includes a full eight ounces. I'm obviously opting for the Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch.


In the press release, M&M's Brand Director Allison Miazga-Bedrick said the brand was thrilled to fans involved with flavor availability, and they're excited to see fans enjoy their personal choice of English Toffee Peanut.

According to the press release, Miazga-Bedrick said:

We love inviting our fans to partake in the flavor innovation process and influence the M&M'S products they see on shelves. We were thrilled to see so many of our passionate fans engage in the campaign and cast their votes, with English Toffee Peanut as the overwhelming fan-favorite!

While the M&M's English Toffee Peanut is undeniably delicious, I can't help but wonder what a world with Mexican Jalapeño Peanut M&M's would have been like. According to Brent Timm of SnackChat Live, who was able to try the spicy flavor ahead of the contest last year, the unusual chocolate candies boasted the "classic peanut M&M's crunch" as well as the "classic peanut M&M's flavor," along with a mild hint of spice. You can taste the jalapeño within the first two seconds of chewing, he claims, but you don't really feel it until 15 to 20 seconds into chewing. Needless to say, the spice is definitely there, but not overwhelming. In all honesty, I'm dying to try it for myself. Since the spicy flavor wasn't the winner, you can try your luck at snagging any remaining bags on store shelves from when the contest ran.

There were so many delicious flavors featured in the M&M's Flavor Vote Campaign this year, but in all seriousness, I couldn't be happier that English Toffee won. It's a total go-to in my book, and it combines delectably sweet flavors with classic crunchy peanuts. I've yet to try the British-inspired sweets for myself, so I should probably go grab some ASAP. Cheerio!