Madison Prewett’s Zodiac Sign Says She’s Bold In Relationships

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Peter Weber’s Bachelor finale was full of chaotic energy, to say the least. He got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, broke it off after two months, and then pursued Madison Prewett… but that relationship didn’t work out, either. Weber’s chemistry with Prewett was undeniable, but they faced major hurdles when it came to lifestyle compatibility and family approval. Madison Prewett’s zodiac sign explains a lot about the way she approaches relationships and stands firm in her personal beliefs. It may also be a clue as to why she and Weber went their separate ways.

Prewett was a frontrunner the whole season, and fans loved her for her no-drama attitude and down-to-earth personality. She got Weber’s first one-on-one date, attending his parents’ vow renewal ceremony (some real irony now, looking back). He was extremely into her from the beginning. Their relationship progressed without a hitch until fantasy suite week, when Prewett told Weber she couldn’t continue to date him if he slept with anyone else.

Was it an ultimatum? Another version of the Luke P. Bachelorette fiasco? Bachelor Nation was split on their opinions, but either way, this confrontation put a big strain on Weber and Prewett’s relationship. It also revealed some new insight into Prewett’s personality. She was born on March 26, 1996, making her an Aries. This fire sign is known for being headstrong, confident, and a tad impulsive in relationships, and Prewett showed all three of these qualities.

The Alabama native had strong ideas about what she expected from a partner, especially when it came to faith and physical boundaries. “I don’t know how to let go of things that I need in a relationship,” she told Weber during their fantasy suite dinner. “I’m so proud of who I am and the choices that I’ve made and the standards that I have. And it’s been so frickin’ hard in this because I’ve had to look past a lot of things.” She couldn't imagine accepting a proposal if he had slept with someone else one week prior.

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Weber admitted to Prewett that he had been “intimate” with other women, and she was deeply hurt and frustrated. When an Aries falls in love, they want their partner all to themselves. They’re naturally competitive and can struggle with jealousy, and they’re unwilling to set aside their needs to make someone else happy. Prewett decided to stay with Weber and try to move past this, but in typical Aries fashion, she wasn't quick to let go of her anger.

Things only got worse when Prewett met Weber’s family during the final week in Australia, and they didn’t exactly get along. Weber’s mother expressed concern that Prewett wasn’t “there for” her son. During After The Final Rose, Prewett shot back at this criticism, saying, “This is my journey, too. This isn’t just Peter choosing me, it’s me choosing Peter.” An Aries won’t compromise their standards to make anyone else feel better, and they won’t apologize for speaking their truth.

Despite her love for Weber, Prewett decided to self-eliminate before he proposed. She told him she had to “surrender” to their differences and accept that their relationship would never work. But months later, after Weber’s engagement ended with Sluss, Chris Harrison flew to Auburn and encouraged Prewett to give things another shot with Weber. At this point, her impulsive side started to appear. “If we had a second chance at this, I’d take it in a heartbeat,” she told Harrison.

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For a brief moment, it appeared that Weber and Prewett might get back together. But after a tense confrontation with Weber’s parents during AFR, the couple “mutually decided” not to pursue their relationship further. It was a disappointing resolution after many fans hoped for a happy ending.

Though Prewett and Weber are technically super astrologically compatible (he’s a Leo), their practical differences ultimately hurt their romantic prospects. Both signs are extremely passionate but unwavering in their needs, and if they don’t share the same beliefs and opinions, they’re unlikely to compromise. Sadly for Weber and Prewett, they just needed different things. But knowing Prewett, she won’t stop fighting for what matters most to her. Hopefully, she'll end up with someone whose worldview lines up with her own.

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