This Girl Wished For A Boo To Spend The Holidays With Last Year & 2017 Delivered

by Candice Jalili

What would you wish for this holiday season if you could be 100 percent certain that it would come true? Personally, I like to keep my wishes practical, but if I were to wish for literally anything, I'd probably go for a fantastic idea for a novel and then, subsequently, the will to write it. You might be thinking that's a little too out of the box for a Christmas wish, but after hearing this one girl's story, I'm convinced ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Lynsey Anastasia's 2016 wish for a man to spend the 2017 holiday season with is literal proof that, if you believe you can achieve literally anything.

It all started when Anastasia, a YouTube star, tweeted — in 2016 — about her goal to find a man in 2017. On Dec. 26, 2016, she simply tweeted, "I will have a man to spend the holidays with in 2017...tweeting it into existence lmao."

And now, one year later, in 2017, SHE HAS THAT MAN SHE WAS ASKING FOR. On Dec. 17, 2017, she posted a screenshot of her 2016 tweet, along with some holiday-themed pictures of her and her new boyfriend on Twitter, with the caption, "Look at God."

Check the tweet out for yourself below:

As you can see by almost 9,000 retweets and almost 44,000 likes, the tweet definitely struck a cord with Twitter users, and trust me, people had lots to say.

People want to know her exact prayer.

If you're also wondering WTF she prayed, apparently, you just have to make a list of your ideal man and sleep on it.

People were also wondering where, exactly, to put the list once you're done with it.

Apparently, you literally put it under your pillow, like a little kid waiting for the tooth fairy, according to Anastasia.

It had to be said: The two also happen to be so pretty.

Like, seriously, the most beautiful people ever.

I mean, have you SEEN their teeth?

And her hair!

People are happy for her happiness.

And now, they're obviously following in her footsteps.

And it's not just relationships they're asking for.

This girl is kicking herself in the foot for messing up her prayer.

There's just one caveat we're all concerned about.

For the sake of my own faith in love and in God, I hope Lynsey and her BAE last for longer than just the holidays. Either way, people, you know what to do from here on out if you're looking for some loving. Swap your dating apps for a pen and paper, write down exactly what you're looking for, and place it under your pillow until you find him/her. I'M PUMPED FOR YOU.

If you just can't get enough of Lynsey's love life, I have some good news for you. She devoted an entire episode of her YouTube show to talking about her relationship, and just when you thought things couldn't get any better, her bae is a guest star on the show.

Check it out below to get every detail of their romance.

I hope you enjoyed watching these two abnormally gorgeous people with abnormally great personalities talking about how they managed to find each other aaaand fall in love! Also, let's not forget about the part of the video where she admits that she made a list and prayed to find him, and then, out of nowhere, he APPEARED. Her BF admits he saw the list, and it is "weird" how similar he is to her dream guy.

OK, now, I'll stop distracting you guys and give you time to work on your lists. Godspeed.

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