Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton's astrological compatibility is perfection

'Love Is Blind's Lauren & Cameron's Astrological Compatibility Is Perfection

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Not to state the obvious, but Lauren and Cameron's love story is basically the only reason Love Is Blind is worth watching. I tuned into the Netflix series for the drama, but I stayed because the relationship that blossomed between the Atlanta natives is honestly too pure for this world. And believe it or not, it's genuine. These two put the "real" in reality TV, and if their on-screen chemistry wasn't convincing enough, then I should point out that Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton's astrological compatibility is basically perfection. As two water signs, it's no surprise that when these two came together, everyone was left crying happy tears.

Speed's was born on Nov. 16, which makes her a sensual and intense Scorpio. Hamilton's birthday falls on July 3, making him a super sentimental Cancer. Water signs have a reputation for being majorly emotional, and Cancers and Scorpios certainly bring all the feels into their relationships. You might think a Cancer-Scorpio pairing would just be a messy sob fest, but when these two endlessly curious signs connect, they form an intimate bond that few other sign pairings can rival. So you could say the future looks pretty promising for these two peas in a pod. (LOL, get it?)

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One of a Scorpio's weaknesses in romantic relationships is that they can have a hard time opening up at first. While Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves, Scorpios tend to be a bit more reticent, and Speed certainly expressed some doubts at first about how fast their relationship was progressing. "After we had left Mexico and started sharing a space and living together, I found myself kind of fighting myself," she confessed to BuzzFeed. "The timeline for the marriage — I was getting scared. It's legally binding. So I did go through a time in my mind when I was like, 'Am I really ready?' And I closed myself off a little bit in some ways."

Winning over a Scorpio's trust isn't easy, but if anyone can do it, a Cancer can. Cancers love more openly and honestly than pretty much anyone, and when a Scorpio feels safe, the affection they show their partner is seriously intense. "Finding Cameron and connecting with him like I did, and never having had that connection with someone is, like, jarring to me," Speed told Elite Daily. "Like, 'Oh sh*t this is real.' Like, I've really fallen for him, I really love him, I really see a future with him. I want to have this man's babies."

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Speaking of babies, Cancers want to have them and fast. Few things are more important to this water sign than family, and in a partner, a Cancer tends to seek someone who will provide them with comfort, stability, and a family of their own. Hamilton wasn't shy about broaching the topic of children with Speed, and unsurprisingly, they were on the same page. "It's funny how when starting a new chapter in life, you start reflecting on how you got where you are today," Hamilton wrote in a recent Instagram post. "Family is everything. I'm blessed to have my parents and the way they raised me." That's some serious Cancer nostalgia right there.

A Cancer-Scorpio pairing is typically a bond that lasts for life, and though Speed and Hamilton are only 18 months into their journey together, they truly seem like a match made in astrological heaven. Thanks for renewing my faith in reality TV love, you two.