‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Are Going To Riot If This Couple Breaks Up

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If you spent the weekend in bed with a box of Cheez-Its marathoning five hours of Love Is Blind, you're probably also obsessed with everyone's favorite pod-pairing: Cameron and Lauren. Fans are dying to know if the couple can make it work outside of the plaster walls of Netflix's addictive new dating series. While unfortunately, there's no "Reality Steve" to provide audiences with much-needed spoilers, serious fans rooting for the couple are desperate to find out if Lauren and Cameron actually got married. It turns out if you want to know the current status of the couple's relationship, Instagram has all the answers.

Despite being the first couple to get engaged (on a show that expects its contestants to find love in a matter of days), as of Episode 5, Lauren and Cameron seem to be one of the healthiest pairings from the pods. From day one, their communication skills were above and beyond any other couple on the show. They listened to each other, cried together, and haven't been afraid to have the tough conversations that strong relationships are built upon.

However, there is potentially some trouble in paradise. In Episode 4, Lauren expressed concerns about the difficulties of being part of an interracial couple. She revealed that she's never dated a white man before, and isn't entirely confident about how her family (particularly her father) will react to her bringing home Cameron From Maine.

Luckily, the pair has already begun these tough conversations before leaving their Mexico resort. In the latest episode, which premiered on Feb. 13, Cameron revealed he has dated outside of his race before, and is aware of the particular dynamics at play in such a relationship. "I think our generation is more understanding." he says in Episode 4, "Couples Retreat." "When we have children... I know that the world is going to perceive them as black and you know, I know that it's going to make their lives harder in some way. But I think I trust you and I to raise them in the right way."

The couple has been careful not to post any pictures together on their Instagram profiles, but one Twitter detective managed to compile some hints that the pair are still together and thriving.

The exact same Christmas trees, vacation spots, and even dining room carpets adorn each of the contestants Instagram posts. Either they happen to have extraordinarily similar taste in decor and getaway locations, or they're happily married and fully in love. Take your pick.

If that's not enough evidence, Cameron literally likes all of Lauren's posts, including this on from back in December.

Netflix's addictive new dating series, Love is Blind, initially captivated viewers with its wild premise: Can you fall in love with someone you've never met before? Cameron, Lauren, and the majority of contestants certainly believe that they have, but some relationships may have built stronger foundations than others. Now that week one is behind us, who can make their partnership work in the real world? Who's parents are going to have a conniption upon meeting a potential spouse? And will Barnett ever get sick of Ambar's snorting laugh?

Fans will have to wait until Feb. 20 to find out, when Netflix drops the next 4 Episodes of the hit series.

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