Love Is Blind's Giannina Gibelli's zodiac sign is Aries

Giannina From 'Love Is Blind's Zodiac Sign Makes So Much Sense

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Giannina "Gigi" Gibelli and Damian Powers from Netflix's reality TV dating series, Love Is Blind, are back together, and TBH, I have a lot of feelings about it. Throughout the series, the couple's relationship was continuously tested by harsh insults and explosive arguments, and things got even more dramatic at the wedding ceremony, where Powers actually said "I do not" at the altar. But, when you take Giannina Gibelli's zodiac sign into consideration, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that she's willing to fight for Powers. Gibelli's April 3 birthday makes her an Aries, and this fire sign is known for never backing down from a challenge.

Gibelli first made her major Aries energy known when she and Powers were still in the pods. After Powers got down on one knee and asked for Gibelli's hand in marriage, she surprised him by proposing to him in return, because Aries hate feeling bested. And then, during their first night together, Gibelli made it clear she was eager to know Powers more... intimately. Aries don't see the point in beating around the bush, and when they want something, they're going to make their intentions clear. This fire sign also loves getting it on, and Gibelli definitely isn't afraid to own her sexual needs.

Perhaps Gibelli's most on-brand Aries moment: that fiery argument she and Powers got into about their sex life. During the seventh episode, Gibelli unapologetically informed her fiancé that their bedroom activities left something to be desired. "You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life?" she asked. "Have you noticed that I don't return the compliment?" Gibelli then went on to point out that she always had to be the one who initiated sex, saying, "Why don't you seduce me, even though I jump on you every freaking second?"

Despite her frustrations, Gibelli's reconciliation with Powers demonstrates the most notable Aries quality of all: an inability to quit, even when things get tough. As Gibelli explained to People during a recent interview, her ego had been bruised after she was left at the altar, but she knew their relationship was worth fighting for. "I was like this open wound, but I really felt that if we weren't going to be together, we could at least be friends," she explained. "I was like, 'I am in love with this person. There's no way I can just leave things like this.' So I reached back out to him and I was like, 'Let’s just talk.' And we just talked all night."

Don't get me wrong — I'm not saying Gibelli reached out to Powers merely to salvage her ego. I believe that she felt an honest connection with Powers, and her Aries tenacity pushed her to give their relationship another try. Their relationship may have been just a bit tumultuous on the show, but if anyone can tirelessly fight for a relationship's success, it's an Aries. IMO, Gigi is an absolute legend for knowing exactly what she wants and never holding back.