Giannina & Damian's 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Body Language Is Hopeful

by Candice Jalili
Netflix/Love Is Blind

Caution: Spoilers ahead. During the Love Is Blind reunion that aired on March 5, Giannina and Damian's body language did a complete 180 from their disastrous wedding episode. Even though Damian flat-out rejected Giannina at the altar, they've come a long way.

Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, tells Elite Daily that this controversial couple displayed moments of "pleasant" "intimacy," but also possibly showed feelings of "anger" and "disgust." She saw genuine laughter and shared energy — good signs! — but ultimately, isn't 100% sure if this pair can make their relationship last in the long run.

While that reading might seem shaky, it's lightyears better than her take on their body language during their nuptials. Previously, Brown described Damian's facial expression to Elite Daily as the "worst groom look ever," and noted that despite saying "I do," Giannina didn't look much happier exchanging vows.

When Brown first viewed the reunion episode, she was stunned. "Wow, this is a dramatic turnaround for them," she said. "I'm surprised they got back together." And as for the rest of her findings about this duo? Well, they're just as surprising.

They know each other intimately.
Netflix/Love Is Blind

You know that feeling where you can just be with someone? That seems to be what Damian and Giannina have going on here. "They're pleasant here, not ecstatic," says Brown. "But they are looking at each other in the eye from close range, which shows some intimacy. And they're sitting really closely as well. So things are looking up!"

... But she still might not have those "butterflies."
Netflix/Love Is Blind

At first glance, this seems like a cute moment. But there's definitely some disconnect in this one, according to Brown. "This seems like a sweet kiss, but she is pursing her lips together, which could be anger or even disgust. So she may not be all the way into what's going on here," says Brown.

They're not fully on the same wavelength.
Netflix/Love Is Blind

"They're enjoying a laugh and great couples do share energy," says Brown. Unfortunately, there's still a bit of that disconnect. "He's looking for more connection than she is here, going for eye contact as she looks away," Brown explains.

They're both happy.
Netflix/Love Is Blind

"Finally we get a real smile out of him," says Brown of this moment, adding that Giannina's "enjoying the laugh, too."

After examining the photos in full, Brown says it's a "flip of a coin" whether or not these two will last based on their body language. I guess all there's left to do is hang tight and see what happens next.