Louis Vuitton Is Selling A... Huge Volleyball For $,2650

I was kind of expecting the USA Women's Soccer win to dominate this week's sports news, but leave it to Louis Vuitton to drop a particularly attention-grabbing ball at the exact same time. ICYMI, Louis Vuitton's $2,650 huge volleyball is very expensive, very cute, and very...random? I'm not a millionaire slash volleyball player, so I don't ever see myself needing this, but for some reason, I still really want it? Is that normal?

Normal or not, this volleyball is cute AF, although I hesitate to refer to it as "worth every penny," because I mean, come on. Could any sports ball, no matter how chic, be worth almost $3K? "Pop colors and different-sized Monograms bring a playful quality to this Monogram Giant volley ball," the brand writes on the Louis Vuitton website, and given that a ball is meant to be played with, I suppose this makes sense. Something tells me, though, that no one would actually throw this baby over a volleyball net. It's the kind of novelty item meant to be kept on a perfectly-styled shelf, or clutched carefully during a photoshoot. LV describes it as "a highly collectible piece," so yeah. This isn't the ball you let your little cousins toss around when they come over to visit.

Still, though, isn't it pretty to look at?

Louis Vuitton

TBH, the whole thing gives me Gatsby vibes. This is exactly the kind of unnecessary, opulent find Jay Gatsby would just have to have, convinced it would win Daisy over. Like, how could she possibly resist this designer volleyball? Does it not reek of old money and exquisite taste??

If you share Gatsby's delusions of grandeur, or just want a particularly stylish ball, you can cop the Monogram Giant Volley Ball ($2,650, directly from the Louis Vuitton website:

At least it comes with a cute little carrying case! The purple netting is accented by a black-and-white leather monogram-printed handle, so you can tote your volleyball around ever-so-casually. Fun.

Me, on the phone with my accountant trying to get a loan so I can snag this volleyball:

And now, a list of places to which I'd bring this volleyball: a barbecue thrown by Rihanna, Jeffree Star's summer beach house, or a Lizzo music video set. That last one is mostly me trying to be invited to a Lizzo music video set, but come on, she totally should have hit us with a LV volleyball serve during the fitness-themed "Juice" video.

Am I right? Louis Vuitton, if you're reading this, gift Lizzo this ball ASAP!

Oh, BTW, if you're more of an outdoor lounger than a volleyball player, rest assured, because Louis Vuitton has a ton of other monogrammed novelty items sure to make your park picnic extra AF. The Monogram Classic Beach Towel ($590, is a steal at under $1K! A! Steal! Heavy sarcasm implied!

If you accidentally throw your LV volleyball at me whilst I'm tanning on my LV beach towel, we will have some serious beef. Period!

BTW, if anyone is looking for a hostess gift to bring to any of my summer pool parties, I'll take the volleyball and the towel. Thanks in advance.