Hilary Duff Teased Lizzie McGuire's New Look In The Reboot & It's SO Different From Old Lizzie

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Childhood me is living for Hilary Duff's return to the role of a lifetime, and the moment the first new Lizzie McGuire episode airs, you best believe I'll be copying Lizzie's every outfit and hairstyle. McGuire and her cartoon sidekick have been iconic style icons since the beginning, and Lizzie McGuire's new look in the reboot is just as strong, though it's definitely a little different. I had my fingers crossed for crimped hair and lip gloss, but it seems Lizzie's style has gotten a very chic, very 2019 upgrade. I'm here for it — sorry, the old Lizzie can't come to the phone right now!

TBH, I didn't even realize the Lizzie Mcguire reboot had started filming until I was scrolling on Instagram and saw a post from McGuire herself, Ms. Hilary Duff. "Happy first LIZZIE day!!!!! NYC.....cue the rain," she captioned the photo, and OMG! I had chills! I knew I'd be excited, but I had no idea they'd be filming in New York City's Washington Square Park. Girl, Lizzie, why didn't you call? I would've ran right over!

Does this mean Duff's stylist bought her first Lizzie outfit in NYC, too? Because I will 100% run out and buy this entire look for myself. It's so stylish, don'tcha think?

Duff-as-McGuire rocked a long marigold coat with a very Clueless-esque two-piece skirtset underneath. She edged it up with a black top, shiny black boots, and a few layered gold necklaces. Cher Horowitz is shook! Sorry, Cher, but Lizzie is coming for your brand.

Lizzie's cartoon sidekick better get a matching moment in this look, too!


Seriously, though. In the new series, McGuire is in her 30s, so it makes sense she'd have a slightly more sophisticated look! We stan a fashion evolution.

We don't know much about the new series and its plotline, but more behind-the-scenes photos show Duff carrying an alpaca stuffed animal throughout the park:

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"Alpaca your bags! #LizzieMcGuire, an original series coming soon to #DisneyPlus, is heading to the Big Apple for the next chapter in Lizzie’s story," the Disney+ account wrote on Instagram.

"Check out this exclusive photo from the first day of production," the caption continued:

Duff even commented on the post with the tiniest of deets: "The alpacas name is Henry. And she really kept a girl warm today," she wrote. OMG! What is Henry's plotline? I must know!

Lizzie's always been super stylish, so I'm glad to see the new series will show Duff looking just as good:

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Y'all, I am truly so excited for this reboot. It's going to be amazing! Still, the news that Lizzie McGuire will now be living in New York City has me asking all the tough questions. Will her family be visiting? Did Gordo and Miranda move, too? Are they all three roommates in an overpriced NYC apartment? Disney, if you're reading this, do not do the thing where you choose an NYC setting and then show some massive, million-dollar apartment there's no way Lizzie could afford. I get that she's going to need a big closet for her stylish new wardrobe, but she'll have to squeeze like the rest of us New Yorkers! Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing Duff rock more cute outfits as Lizzie — fingers crossed for at least one crimped hair moment, though!

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