Why Living With Your Sorority Sisters Is The Highlight Of Your College Experience

You'll never forget the college days spent with your sisters. They're your group of besties, and they genuinely make your four years so much more adventurous. Living with your sorority sisters will quickly make you realize it doesn't take a shared bloodline to consider people to be your family.

If you need your mains for anything, all it takes is a knock on their door. It's college, too, so it's only reasonable to mention how lit your living situation is with them. You girls turn anything into a good time, and make sure to celebrate the smallest and biggest conquests in life. I mean, even a passing grade on a midterm is worth a pizza and wine night (if you're 21 and up).

You can't even refer to your sisters as roommates, because they're so much more than that. They're your study buddies, family, protectors, and all-time best Netflix and chill companions. Your college days are filled with making memories with them and the grand experience of sharing a home together. In fact, it will be the one thing you miss most about college.

Everyone's Greek life experience is different, and if you live with your sorority sisters, you know you're beyond blessed. Needless to say, if your big, little, and sisters snooze under the same roof as you, you can relate to these eight things.

You Roll Deep To Functions

When it's time for your lady crew to roll out, one Uber will never be enough. You and your girls appear as a squad at almost every function, and you wouldn't have it any other way. Slay, ladies.

You Have More Than One Dope Wardrobe To Choose From

Let's be honest: Sharing closets with your besties is where it's at when you're broke AF. One of the many perks about living with your sorority girls is that you have more than one wardrobe to choose from. From sequined tops to floral sundresses, you have a dope variety of clothes to choose from for essentially every occasion.

Wine Wednesdays Are Essential

If you're 21 and up, what better way to celebrate Hump Day than sipping on merlot or sangria? Once you get through classes on Wednesday, the rest of the week is a total breeze. You couldn't imagine spending mid-week sipping with anyone other than your girls.

Your Group Study Sessions Are Basically Legendary

All-nighters during finals? You ladies get through them together. Sure, the living room has turned into a mini library, but studying has become so much less intimidating. You're surrounded by your cheer squad on the pillows next to you, so you can pretty much conquer anything.

Crafting Happens On The Regular

It's safe to say the glue gun plays a major role in the house you share with your sisters. Fundraising or making a welcome box for your little? You girls DIY with ease, and there are no worries if glitter is all over the place.

You Have Go-To Buddies For Morning Coffee Runs Before Class

Your girls may be your first besties, but espresso is a close second. Pairing up to get coffee in the morning before that grueling 8 a.m. class has saved you more than once. These ladies help keep you caffeinated, so how could you not love them?

You Host Family Dinners At Your Pad

You and your sisters are seriously one big happy family. Those family dinners are truly the best times in your house. There's so much good food, and everyone gets a chance to catch up during the most stressful weeks. Oh, and when you're feeling super fancy, you incorporate a fun theme, because why not?

Your Bond Is So Much Stronger

You'll make all kinds of friends in college, but having and living with your sisters will bring you so much closer to them. You've shared the messy bun look in the morning, and dashed out hand-in-hand in your cozy UGGs when you were running late. You can't make up the real love you have for them, and that bond lasts forever.

College is an unforgettable experience. Living with your sisters, though, makes those years even better.