Rainn Wilson Is Giving Major Dwight Vibes In Little Caesars' Super Bowl Ad

YouTube/Little Caesars + Twitter/@Daniel_Curry

If you're like me, then your favorite part of the Super Bowl is not seeing which team wins, but instead deciding which commercial wins. In Little Caesars' 2020 Super Bowl commercial (which marks the Detroit-based pizza chain's first-ever Super Bowl spot), The Office's Rainn Wilson stars as the head of "Sliced Bread Inc.," who's not having a particularly good day. That's because Little Caesars is now offering delivery at 90% of its restaurants, and it's a pretty big deal. On Jan. 6, Little Caesars launched its delivery service — which allows you to order hot pizza right to your door — and it truly is the best thing since sliced bread. Sorry, Rainn Wilson.

You can now place an order through the Little Caesars' website or app, and you don't need a minimum charge to qualify. You'll only have to pay a $2.99 delivery fee (along with a 10% service fee that maxes out at $3), and IMO, never having to leave my house again is totally worth the price. During the new 30-second ad, which debuted on Feb. 2, Wilson attempts to make sliced bread innovative again, but unfortunately for him, nothing can really beat the lure of a Little Caesars delivery.

As thrilled as fans of The Office were to see Rainn Wilson on their screens, they were even more excited that Wilson was the third office actor to make an appearance in a 2020 Super Bowl commercial, following John Krasinski in the Hyundai ad and Paul Lieberstein in Fox's "Super Monday" campaign. Unsurprisingly, Twitter was all for it.

Some Twitter users were feeling major Dwight Schrute vibes.

Others were just delighted to see Jim, Toby, and Dwight all show up on Super Bowl Sunday (and this is probably the first time that anyone's been excited to see Toby).

Some fans were eager for even more cast members to make an appearance.

I definitely wouldn't be mad if Angela and Pam star in the next two commercials, but honestly, this mini Office reunion has already been a gift.