Three women leaping for joy in snow

These 3 Zodiac Signs Have So Many Reasons To Jump For Joy On Leap Day

2020 is special for so many reasons; one of them being the fact that it's a leap year. Taking place every four years, a leap year is when you can look forward to the summer Olympics, the U.S. presidential election, and, of course, the mysterious and illusive Feb. 29. Even though there's no astrological significance to a leap year, certain zodiac signs will have the best Leap Day 2020: Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Thanks to the waxing crescent moon in Taurus, there's a source of emotional calm and comfort guiding you through Leap Day (aka Feb. 29). When the moon is in Taurus, the moon is happy. Let yourself feel grounded, centered, and serene, because a moon in Taurus is a beautiful time to focus your energy on your physical and spiritual well-being. As it forms a trine with expansive Jupiter and courageous Mars, you are being supported as you tackle your goals, open your mind to fresh possibilities, and indulge in a bit of luck. You can accomplish a lot if you set your heart on it.

With the sun in dreamy and imaginative Pisces joining forces with spiritual and creative Neptune, it's also the perfect day to explore your inner workings and express yourself through art. However, let's not also forget the sun will connect with Mercury, which happens to be in retrograde. Although this will certainly intensify the confusion, it will show you new perspectives, reveal secrets, and help you find closure from the past. However, the following zodiac signs still have so much to look forward to:


Taurus: You're Feeling Alive And In Touch With Your Emotions

You're feeling right at home this Feb. 29, thanks to the moon spending the day in your first house of the self. It's as if you've just awakened from a lazy, sleepy stupor and you're revved up to get out there and go. Even though you might be feeling a little bit more emotional and sensitive to your surroundings, it's only bringing you closer to your innate self. Embrace the feeling of being alive in your skin and enthusiastic about your passions. The world is seeing you for who you are, and at the end of the day, all you really want is to be understood.

Scorpio: You're Experiencing A Creative And Artistic Rebirth

You might as well plan something super fun for Feb. 29, Scorpio. The sun is in your fifth house of pleasure, art, and romance, which is one of the most exciting times of your year. Do something that taps in to your inner child and allows you to shamelessly indulge in something you enjoy. Feel like breaking out those paintbrushes and making a mess? In the mood for a sexy date to the roller rink? Want to hit up the club with all your friends and raise the roof? Feb. 29 is the day to do it. Just tell everyone you're celebrating Leap Day.

Pisces: You're Seeing Yourself With Love And Admiration

No one loves Leap Day more than you, Pisces, especially if you're a Pisces who was born on Feb. 29. You're feeling energized, confident, and ready to put yourself out there. Since it's the season of your solar return, you might as well do something that symbolizes the passing of time. It might be the perfect day to make a change that lets the world know all about the person you're becoming. Why not shake things up and take a "leap" outside of your comfort zone?