Lay's Is Spicing Up The Year With 3 New Flavors, including a cheddar jalapeno and a flamin' hot vari...

Lay's Is Spicing Up The Year With 3 New Flavors, Including Cheddar Jalapeño

Courtesy of Lay's

Tasty snacks are a big reason to celebrate, and 2020 is off to a great start for fans of flavor. Lay's lovers will be pumped when they hear about some new chip options releasing in stores. The brand is spicing up the year with three new flavors, including Lay's Cheddar Jalapeño and Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot, and if you're a fan of a little kick, you'll want to grab 'em during your next shopping trip.

Hitting the shelves in January, the new Lay's chips will be available nationwide in stores where Lay's are sold. The first flavor addition is Lay's Cheddar Jalapeño, which will be available to buy in three different sizes: a 9.75-ounce bag for $4.29, a 7.75-ounce bag for $3.79, and a 2.75-ounce bag for $1.89. This delectable combo is a mix of sharp cheddar and a spike of jalapeño that'll last through the final bite.

The next flavor release is Lay's Poppables Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. Poppables bring a light, puffed potato chip texture, and the sea salt and vinegar combo makes for a tangy and salty snack. These will only be available in one size — a 5-ounce bag for $3.79.

The last of the three new flavors is a kicker: Lay's Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot. Like the fan-favorite Flamin' Hot seasoning on other chip varieties, these combine a fiery chili pepper taste with the crunchy, kettle-cooked potato chip texture that Lay's Kettle Cooked chips are known for. Available in two sizes, the Lay's Kettle Cooked Flamin' Hot chips will sell for $3.49 for an 8-ounce bag and $1.89 for a 2.5-ounce bag.

Courtesy of Lay's

In addition to these new chip flavors, Lay's says it has another big initiative happening in January — the Lay's Smiles Campaign. Yes, this means the Lay's Smiles Bags will be making their reappearance (keep an eye out in the fall). In the meantime, fans can nominate people they know to be featured on the bags on the official Smile With Lay's website.

The campaign benefits Operation Smile, an organization that works to provide surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates. To nominate someone you know, you'll have to register on the site and explain why that person makes you smile. Lay's says the 2019 campaign included 65 different potato chip bags — which included some special flavors like Lay's Bacon Mac & Cheese — with the smiles of 31 people.

Lay's is celebrating the upcoming Smiles Campaign by giving everyone three extra reasons to smile with these new flavors.