Lauren B.'s Engagement Ring Vs. Becca K.'s Will Make 'Bachelor' Fans Freak


Wow, wow, wow. I am in a state of shock. Just when you're starting to like a guy, he proposes to a woman on national television and then LITERALLY TAKES IT BACK. By now, you've heard/seen/read the news about Arie's proposal to contestant Becca K. on The Bachelor, and how he eventually dumped her to propose to Lauren B. Obviously, fans are wondering what Lauren B.'s engagement ring vs. Becca K's engagement ring looks like, and luckily, the internet is all over it. The difference is only in one or two "minor" details, but still. Wut r we doin, Arie?

You guys remember Arie. He was the lackluster race car driver who spent his season looking mildly invested in the contestants' feelings and emotions. He's a loud kisser, and also gives off some weird Zach Braff vibes. (Honestly, he might be the least memorable part of his season.) Becca K. and Lauren B. are the people you really remember, aka the two ladies who stole Arie's heart in the end.

At the end of his season, Arie got down on one knee and gave Becca K. a gorgeous sparkler and asked her to marry him. In the same episode, he immediately called things off with Becca, and was basically like, "My bad. I kinda wanna marry Lauren B. instead." On After The Final Rose, Arie offered Lauren an equally stunning yet slightly different ring saying something like, "So, what I meant was... LAUREN, will YOU marry me?"

Man, this guy was busy.

Both diamonds came from designer Neil Lane, who let People magazine in on the details of each ring. Lane told the magazine that for Becca, Arie went with a three-carat oval diamond. Lane said,

You can check out Arie's proposal to Becca and the ring he gives her in the clip below.

Despite the care and thought that went into picking out Becca's ring, Lane said he could tell, even then, something was up. He said,

So, what did Lauren's ring look like? Listen, not that it matters, but it was a little bit bigger and a little bit more sparkly. I'M JUST SAYIN'.

For his proposal to Lauren, Arie opted for a 3.65-carat cushion cut stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. It also features 170 smaller diamonds on the band, and two baguette's flanking the centerpiece.

It's a lot to take in.

Lane explained Arie's decision-making process for Lauren. He said,

Even Lane thinks the ring is extravagant. He admits,

He also explained the ring is "totally encrusted with diamonds on all three sides,” and added,

Obviously, Arie is receiving a lot of criticism for the way he handled calling things off with Becca, and then proposing to Lauren while Becca was literally in the same building. However, Arie doesn't seem phased. He told People,

Right. Thanks for that.

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