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Lana Del Rey's Response To Accusations She Voted For Trump Is Biting

Lana Del Rey is not happy after one fan made an assumption about which political candidate she supported in the 2020 election. Del Rey has raised eyebrows in the past for her murky political views, but she may have just shed some light on who she voted for this year. Lana Del Rey's response to accusations she voted for Trump was so heated.

The exchange went down on Twitter, after the fan accused Del Rey of voting for Trump. “I just KNOW Elizabeth voted for Trump, I wish I could look up her voting records. Something doesn’t sit right with me,” the person tweeted.

This didn't sit right with Del Rey. Not only did she catch wind of the tweet, but she immediately responded. “Go. F**k. Yourself," she told the fan, seemingly denying association with the Trump party.

The exchange didn't end there, though. The fan then responded, “Lana telling me to go f**k myself when I have her tattooed on my arm lmfaoooo alright.” Unfortunately, this didn't seem to flatter Del Rey, who continued to sling more biting words toward the fan. "Read what u wrote hoe," she spat back.

You can see Del Rey's exchange with the fan below.

The fan's assumption about Del Rey's political preference didn't come entirely out of the blue. For starters, she shared a controversial open letter in May 2020 which shed a negative light on a number of Black female singers like Doja Cat, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and more. Del Rey also recently came under fire for wearing a face mask that didn't meet CDC standards. These occurrences, along with the fact Del Rey dated a police officer throughout 2019, have led some fans to believe she's adopted conservative ideals. But her reaction to people assuming she's a Trump supporter suggests you shouldn't make assumptions on people's political affiliation based on stereotypes.

Del Rey has spoken out in the past about her political preferences, telling the New York Times in August 2019 she doesn't really identify with either party. "I'm really not more of a liberal than I am a Republican — I'm in the middle," she said.

On the other hand, several celebrities did make clear they voted for Trump. Lil Pump was one of the biggest celebrities to endorse the President for a second term, with Lil Wayne doing the same. But Del Rey isn't down for speculation about her 2020 voting record, and she's (somewhat) setting the record straight.