Lady Gaga's Ocean Blue Hair Has A Much Deeper Meaning Behind It

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Lady Gaga has never played it safe with her fashion or beauty choices and has shown fans time and time again that she can pull off any and every look out there. However, her recent transformation goes beyond just an aesthetic change — and it carries with it a much deeper meaning. If you haven't seen it yet, Gaga’s new ocean blue hair was done in memory of her hairstylist’s late mother.

“Hello, Merpeople. Rocking color by Frederic Aspiras named after his mother who just passed...Suzie’s Ocean Blue. I love you, Freddie. This was extra special glamour,” Gaga captioned an Instagram post on Aug. 15. In the pic, the singer is lounging on her bed with her waist-long hair draped across her body. The new color features icy blonde hair with streaks of light blue running through it. And while the transformation is gorgeous, what’s even more beautiful is that her new dye job is a nod to Aspiras’ mom.

“Being that my mother was my role model as a hairdresser, I’m trying my hardest to find the joy even in what I love to do the most which is doing hair,” Aspiras posted on Instagram on Aug. 15. “Yesterday, Lady Gaga, you gave me back my joy again … You wiped my tears away and lifted my chin from off the ground as I walk. So, thank you for allowing me to create this hair on you and showing me what the true meaning of living is.”

Aspiras first found his love of hairstyling through his mom, who ran a salon in San Francisco. From there, he started washing and rolling hair and later began to find his own footing in the hair world. He started working with Gaga right after her first VMAs performance in 2009. The two have been working together ever since — with Aspiras spending more than a decade creating all of Mother Monster's most iconic looks. That the star was willing to undergo a hair change to help Aspiras in the pit of his grief shows how deep their relationship goes.

There have been many celebrity quarantine hair changes in the past few months, but none can match the heartfelt meaning behind Gaga’s transformation. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

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