Kylie Jenner Clapped Back At Haters Saying She Used Fake Reviews To Promote Kylie Skin

by Hollee Actman Becker
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Y'all remember that Kylie Jenner launched her new Kylie Skin collection this past spring, right? I mean, the reality star was super extra about promoting the line so how could any of us forget? First, KyKy threw a pink roller skating party for the new brand back in May. Then, she whisked a bunch of her gal pals off to Turks and Caicos via a branded Kylie Skin jet for a tropical vacay in July and I'm not jealous, you are. Despite all this (or maybe because of it?) there's been a bit of backlash over the products. But Kylie Jenner's response to claims she used fake reviews to promote Kylie Skin should help shut down some of the criticism.

OK, so here's what you need to know: On May 14, Jenner shared a video on the Kylie Skin Instagram account that showed her using her new walnut face scrub, which she called "my secret to a fresh face" in the caption. Fans weren't here for it, though, and they immediately hopped on Twitter to school the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star about that fact that walnut scrubs are apparently kinda bad for your skin.

Take a look a some of these tweets:

OK, then.

In addition to all the brew-ha-ha over Jenner's use of walnuts in her scrub, other fans started accusing the makeup mogul of faking some of the more positive reviews her new products were receiving. See, on May 28, Jenner hit up Instagram to share a bunch of screenshots of tweets from some of her reportedly happy customers.

She did it again on June 3:

Both posts received a ton of backlash, with several followers accusing the reviews of being fake.

Despite all the hate, the Kylie Skin line has been selling out pretty damn quickly, and Jenner's already reported numerous restocks. But that hasn't kept her from promoting the shiz out of the products. Just yesterday, she rolled up to her Insta again, this time to share 10 glowing reviews in a slideshow, along with the following caption:

"I see all your @kylieskin reviews daily!! I wish I could post them all. You don’t even understand how good it makes me feel to know so many of you are falling in love just like I did. Thank you for the support and trust I promise I got you."

While most of the comments from Jenner's followers were positive this time around, a few haters did roll up again to accuse the reviews of being fake. Only this time, Jenner had a clapback ready to go.

When one follower asked, "So you faking reviews for sells?" Kylie responded promptly with a comment of her own, writing,

ur a hater. why would i need to fake reviews. These are real people. Go look em up

Tell him, sis!

Jenner's fans were quick to applaud her for the way she shut the hater down.

"U go kylie keep standing up for urself," wrote one.

"Go off queen," added another.

And a third commenter even showed up to let everyone know she was a real, live person who had actually written one of the reviews in Jenner's post, writing, "I'm NICHOLE from the review you just posted! He can look me up!! What a hater! Love all your products."

So yeah, it looks like Jenner won this round. Haters may want to think twice before coming for our girl again. Or... maybe just do a quick Twitter search before accusing her of faking Twitter reviews?

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