Here's What Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Zodiac Compatibility Reveals

by Rosey Baker
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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. There's a lot of mystery surrounding every celeb relationship, but this one truly mystifies me. There were some rumors floating around the interwebs that the two broke up around the Christmas holiday, which were later de-bunked. Even Kylie's pregnancy didn't come with some epic Instagram pregnancy announcement, and nobody even knows the due date. Even Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's zodiac compatibility will have you scratching your heads. But in order to find the answers burning in our hearts about these two, it's time for a more thorough examination of their charts, what these two love birds see in one another, and what makes this relationship tick.

The important thing to note here is that this isn't just a look at their sun signs. Sun signs are just the basics of a compatibility chart. In order to get a good idea of the relationship behind closed doors, you need to look at the couple's moon signs, Mars signs, and Venus signs to know what they need from each other, what they give to each other, and what they can offer their child together. A thorough astrology reading provides a look behind the curtain of whatever you've seen posted on Instagram or talked about in interviews.

Sun Signs: Leo and Taurus

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Kylie is a Leo, and Travis is a Taurus, which is known to advanced students of astrology as a 4-10 sun sign pattern. I would explain how this works, but it deserves its own article. Basically, a 4-10 sun sign pattern indicates an inherent tension in the relationship. There's something about these two that causes them to view the other with disapproval. The proud, dramatic, and loud behavior of a Leo is viewed as superficial by a Taurus, and the stable, measured, and careful behavior of a Taurus is viewed as boring by a Leo. Both parties could get a little restless in the other's company because they feel a need to put a lid on being themselves.

Moon Signs: Scorpio and Aries

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The moon governs your private emotional life, the person you are when no one is looking, or the person you only allow people to see when you are at your most vulnerable. Kylie's moon is in Scorpio, making her emotional life a deep, powerful, mysteriously complicated to everyone, including herself. Scorpio moons are possessive, jealous, controlling even. Travis' moon is in Aries, which is a sign that's known for being independent, warrior-like, and impulsive.

The combination of these two moon signs can lead to communication problems, because this combination can lead the two individuals to be unnecessarily secretive to one another. What keeps them together though is an attraction to one another's mysterious charisma. They both have a desire to get to the bottom of things, to "solve the mystery" of the other person.

Venus: Virgo and Aries; Mars: Libra and Pisces

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The key to what makes this relationship work is the fact that both Kylie and Travis' Venus and Mars signs are in opposition to one another. Venus represents your emotional needs in a relationship, Mars represents your sexual desires. Travis' Mars is in Pisces, and Kylie's Venus is in Virgo. These two signs are opposite one another on the astrological wheel, meaning that when these two go to bed together, they're able to make up for the other areas where the relationship is lacking.

Kylie's Mars is in Libra, and Travis' Venus is in Aries, also opposing one another. This is a relationship that is going to be driven by sexual attraction, no matter what way you slice it. Both parties are likely to be bothered by feelings of jealousy or possessiveness because the attraction is so strong it can take over the logical mind.

I guess the moral of the story here is, it's no wonder Kylie moved on from Tyga so quickly. Who's got time to take things slow when you're this attracted to somebody?