How Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Body Language Has Changed Reveals More Than You Think

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have become one of the most famous celebrity couples as of late, and it's easy to see why. Something about the vibes these two put out comes across as pretty genuine, and it seems that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's body language has continued to show what an awesome connection they have as a couple. TBH, it's not a very big surprise considering Scott and Jenner have been pretty much inseparable since day one of their relationship.

Being in a relationship that's put under the kind of scrutiny that the Kardashian clan faces surely isn't easy. And while reality stars are probably used to it, that doesn't mean that dodging the rumor mill becomes any easier. Despite that, the photo evidence seems to show that these two started off strong (albeit a little shy) in 2017, and have only gotten stronger since the birth of their baby Stormi. But don't just take my word for it. I spoke with body language experts Blanca Cobb and Lisa Mitchell to get their takes on how the connection between Scott and Jenner has only continued to grow.

They started off a bit reserved.
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While it's difficult to sum up a relationship with a single photo, sometimes just one shot can point to trends present in that relationship. Both Cobb and Mitchell note that in this picture, the new couple seem to be a bit reserved with each other. But Mitchell points out that it could be due to the fact that they are at a sporting event that seems to have Scott's full attention.

"Our feet and legs often indicate where we want to be or what we are giving our attention to," Mitchell tells Elite Daily. "In this case, he's more interested in the court action while she's giving her attention to him."

Mitchell also notes that even though they are focused on different things, the way that Scott's hand is placed on Jenner's knee shows that he still wants to everyone to know that she's his bae.

They're content in each other's company.
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Body language expert and author Traci Brown told Elite Daily that, although Jenner looks a little disinterested in this particular game, they still look very close. This was Jenner and Scott's first public date after welcoming their baby girl, Stormi Webster. The April 18 matchup between the Houston Rockets and the Minnesota Timberwolves might not have been the most interesting to Jenner, but you can tell they're happy to be out together because they're still sitting really close and Jenner seems relaxed.

"I think they're as happy as they're going to get, considering he wants to be there and she doesn't," Brown told Elite Daily. "So I'll say they're happy enough."

They're very sexually attracted to each other.
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"Travis and Kylie are taking their affection for each other to the next level," notes Cobb. "Kylie has her tush up against Travis 'pleasure zone' as she poses. You have to feel sexual attraction to sit this way with your partner."

And surely when it comes to setting the tone for a saucy couples vacay, being on a yacht doesn't hurt.

"They're entwined together, showing a close bond and high comfort level between the pair," agrees Mitchell.

They feel protective of each other.
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"Travis has his upper torso and head leaning toward Kylie, and his left foot is pointed directly at her, showing that he is in step and engaged with her," says Mitchell. "Kylie's feet are pointing directly towards him as well, despite her gaze going the opposite direction."

Mitchell also notes that they both have a "protective arm and hand" placed on each other, which only adds to the close bond these two are projecting.

If these pics are any indication, it seems like these two have continued to grow closer and more comfortable with each other over time. And while they may have gotten off to a bit of a shy start in front of the cameras, it's easy to see that they've always had a consistently genuine connection.

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