Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Crashed Kendall's Met Gala Interview, Because They're Family

by Jamie LeeLo
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Ugh. Slay me. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott crashed Kendall's Met Gala interview with E! News and it was a whole vibe, you guys. The mom and dad to baby Stormi first walked the Met Gala red carpet together in 2018, just three months after their sweet one was born. If you thought Jenner's tiny diamond sunglasses made a statement then, wait until you see what she's wearing now.

The 2019 Met Gala theme is "camp," and no, they don't mean S'mores over a fire. In fact, from what I've gathered, they mean the exact opposite. Vogue broke down the inspiration behind this year's theme and explained it is all thanks to a framed exhibition surrounding Susan Sontag’s seminal 1964 essay Notes on ‘Camp'. Sontag described "camp" as the "love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration . . . style at the expense of content . . . the triumph of the epicene style."

Kind of a "more is more" deal. You guys get it.

Jenner interpreted this as feathers, feathers, and more feathers. Oh yeah, and a little chain mail(?) or fishnet(?) too. It's unclear to me what her actual dress is made out of, but it fits her like a damn glove and the fluffy sleeves made a Met Gala statement. The fact that she matched her wig perfectly to her dress is probably part of what makes this so "camp," too.

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Kylie's outfit also complimented her sister Kendall's look which looked like a head-to-toe orange sister to Kylie's dress. Kenny put her feathers up over her shoulders and neck while Jenner rocked the plumage around her arms.

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Their real sister-sister dynamic displayed itself during Kendall's interview. She was busy getting complimented on her stunning dress when actually Scott first burst in to steal the mic. It sounded like he was exclaiming, "Sometimes we try to pull out all the stops!" and Kylie added, "all the time!" Interviewers then asked Kylie how she felt, to which she responded "I can't breathe a little bit, but I feel good." Presumably, this was thanks to her form-fitting gown.

The gang briefly chatted about their momager Kris Jenner's blonde hair at the event and then moved up the red carpet stairs together.

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While Scott and the Jenner sisters did slay, the real heroes of tonight's festivities are co-chairs Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams. Not a big deal, but Styles has never been to a Met Gala and Gaga has only walked the red carpet twice. Despite their shockingly low attendance in the past, they are the ideal hosts to rock this year's theme. Gaga practically invented "extra" and Styles has long been revered for his festive flare, not to mention, when I go to sleep at night I dream about rocking one of Williams' tennis tutus.

Just as an example of how these co-chairs interpreted the theme, please look at Gaga's ensemble.

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Wait, wait. Look at it again.

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Wait, wait, wait. Look at it again!

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Wait, wait, wait, wait. This is it. For real.

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OK. I think that's it. I think that's all of the dresses inside Gaga's dresses.

Listen, it's not Jenner and Scott's fault they only came in one outfit each. There's only so much we can expect from a young billionaire and her beau!

Lookin' good, Kylie and Travis. Please text me what the food tasted like inside.