Kylie Shut Down Rumors She Captioned A Photo "Brown Skinned Girl" With Receipts

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By now, everyone should know not to believe everything they see on the internet. With just some basic Photoshop knowledge, harmless Instagram posts can can be manipulated to look completely different and it looks like the real thing. That's why Kylie Jenner went viral over the weekend for all the wrong reasons. She supposedly posted an Instagram with a controversial caption, but as it turns out, the post in question was fake. Kylie Jenner shut down rumors she captioned a photo "Brown Skinned Girl" with receipts.

It all started on Sunday, Aug. 16 when Jenner shared a photo in a patterned jumpsuit on IG, captioning it, "Brown eyed girl🤍✨."

However, another version of her post soon spread online, stirring major controversy. Whoever decided to wreak havoc on Twitter Photoshopped her caption to replace "eyed" with "skinned." Due to the edited screenshot, people believed Jenner originally captioned her photo "Brown Skinned Girl" — a reference to Beyoncé's song from The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack — and then changed it after receiving backlash for calling herself brown-skinned when she's a white woman.

Jenner and her sisters have been accused of cultural appropriation and criticized for seemingly darkening their skin with makeup products and Photoshop in the past, which is likely why Jenner was quick to clear this particular instance up misunderstanding up. When she became aware of the situation, she wasted no time setting the record straight on what really happened. "[I] saw online someone Photoshopped this photo I posted to change the caption to 'brown skinned girl,'" Jenner wrote on her IG Story. "I never said this."

To prove her case, Jenner posted a side-by-side comparison of the fake screenshot versus her real post. "My caption was '🤍✨' then changed to ‘brown eyed girl’ a few minutes later and that is it," Jenner added.

The makeup mogul then posted comments on her Story from fans who believed her. "Why do people need to make drama out of everything and invent lies?" a user wrote. "I mean, if the same screenshot is used everywhere, that means it’s edited but if it was real, there would be many different screenshots from different phones and fonts," another fan chimed in.

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Kylie Jenner was almost framed by an internet troll. They would have gotten away with it too... if it weren't for those meddling screenshots.