Kylie Jenner Did Kim Kardashian's Makeup On Her YouTube Channel, & The Sisters Spilled Tea

In what I'm referring to as the YouTube video I never knew I wanted but absolutely needed, Kylie Jenner did Kim Kardashian's makeup, and the whole thing was a very cute sisterly-bonding experience. Jenner isn't a full-on beauty YouTuber just yet, but she does dabble in fun vlogs and sit-down videos filmed with her sisters, so seeing her older sis, Kim, on her signature pink background is ~very~ exciting. The two are both major forces in the beauty world, and while I expected the video to be a get-ready-with-me with each using her own namesake brand, it turned out Jenner decided to play makeup artist and glam Kardashian instead.

Aside from both being actual makeup wizards, Kardashian and Jenner have two of the most soothing voices I've ever heard, so when I saw the YouTube video they filmed together was a whopping 11 minutes long, I promptly put in my headphones and started watching. TBH, I was thrilled! I expected the girls to harp on their latest and greatest makeup launches for at least ten out of 11 minutes, but instead, they answered questions from fans via Twitter, and covered everything from baby names to who they think Kris Jenner's fave is. Spoiler alert, she won't admit it, but it's Kylie. Duh.

Jenner really is a talented makeup artist, so I payed close attention to everything she did to her older sister's face:

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

As far as tea spilled, the video allowed the girls to share a few ~fun facts~ while they glammed. Apparently, Jenner sees herself having four kids, although she ~doesn't have a timeline~ as to when she wants the next one. When a fan question prompts the girls to name something their followers might not know about them, Jenner admits she's "actually really weird," to which Kardashian replies, "I think they know that." Excuse me while I chuckle. Their dynamic is honestly so cute.

At one point, Kardashian jokes that she'll be copying the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick Jenner has applied and making a KKW Beauty version. Their reactions were too funny for words:

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

In the end, they FaceTimed Jenner's own MUA and threatened to come for his job, because THAT'S how good the final beat looked. Then again, I can't imagine Kardashian ever looking bad. Still, the video was super cute, and I particularly enjoyed the gossip sesh, so if you want to watch it in its entirety, you can head over to Jenner's YouTube channel and increase your knowledge of both beauty application tips and Kar-Jenner family fun facts.