Kristin Ess' New Hair Gloss Collection Is A Giant Drink Of Shiny Water For Your Hair

Courtesy of Kristin Ess

Despite the fact that she just launched a new scalp collection about a month ago, Kristin Ess’ new hair gloss collection will have you wondering if she’s the true super hair-o of the beauty industry. Ess’ latest collection features eight at-home hair glosses, each one boasting its own unique benefit.

“I’ve always wished there was a salon-equivalent gloss I could send home with my clients that would keep the tone and shine of their hair in check between color services,” Ess told Allure. “I used to encourage people to come in and get glossed between services, but I found that most clients just didn’t have the time or money,” says Ess.

And now, thanks to Ess, a busy schedule doesn't have to hold you back from refreshing your strands between appointments. The Signature Hair Gloss collection ($14 each, Target) features eight shades with fun names, including Winter Wheat (light neutral blonde), Golden Hour (light golden blonde), Smoky Topaz (medium neutral bronde), Tortoise Shell (medium golden bronde), Bittersweet (dark neutral brown), Chocolate Cosmo (dark golden brown), and Copper Penny (medium copper gold).

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Ess Haircare

The eighth shade is called Crystal Quartz, and it’s a clear gloss for anyone looking to enhance shine, regardless of your hair color. “This in-shower treatment deep conditions hair, instantly boosts vibrancy, and enhances shine to give you your best hair ever,” Ess says via a press release. Since it’s a clear gloss, it won’t change your hair color, whether it’s natural or color-treated.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Ess Haircare

Each of the eight shades offers a different effect based on a certain need. For example, the Winter Wheat shade is best for “anyone with light blonde hair looking to tone down warmth and enhance shine,” while the Golden Hour hue works for “anyone with light blonde hair looking to add warmth and enhance shine.”

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Ess Haircare

Not only are the glosses silicone-free, ammonia-free, and color and keratin safe, but they also work for all hair types and last between four to six weeks. Plus, the formula is made with a vibrancy-boosting technology that creates a protective shield over the hair to instantly boost shine and help lock-in your color. The formula is also deep-conditioning and promises to make hair smoother, softer, and more manageable. The alkaline neutralizing system in the product prevents hard water minerals from being deposited into your hair and scalp, which can contribute to color fade. The product is called a gloss, but it clearly does so much more than add shine to the hair.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Ess Haircare

The application process is pretty simple: Wet your hair thoroughly in the shower, mix bottle one and two together, and shake, applying all over the hair. Then, just wait 10 to 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water, and shampoo and condition your hair as usual. It’s an easy process that takes less than a quarter of the time it would take to trek to the salon, get a gloss and blowout, and head home afterward.

While the glosses are super effective in keeping color fresh in between salons, the brand doesn’t recommend completely replacing your salon visits with the new gloss collection. Use it as a boost and keep your shine lust-worthy for weeks!