Kristen Stewart Just Dyed Her Hair A Very Punk Pink, & Bella From 'Twilight' Is Shaking

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'Twas just last week I was raving about Kristen Stewart's edgy new haircut and blonde strands, and yet here we are again, reunited once more to rave about yet another big hair change. If you haven't seen Kristen Stewart's pink hair, prepare to swoon like the Hot Topic-loving, emo tween you once were, because this look is everything I ever wanted in my youth and so much more — and on Stewart, it actually looks bomb, whereas it would've just got me suspended from high school. Stewart recently upped the ante on her already-very-cool cropped cut by dying the blonde bits a shocking pink, and it's safe to say Bella from Twilight is shaking, because she could never. Don't worry; that will be the only Twilight reference in this piece, I promise.

When you have the same basic, long brown hair for years, it makes sense to change it up as much as possible once you finally start taking risks, such is the case with actress Kristen Stewart. At first, she was known for the striking pale-skin-dark-hair combo that helped her land so many of her early roles, but over the years, Stewart's edgy side has slowly but surely revealed itself, and it has become clear that boring strands simply do not suit her personality.

Lately, she's been rocking a cropped cut with a longer top half, perfect for straightening or swooping, dyed a bright platinum blonde:

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Just when I thought the blonde tips were the edgy 'do, Stewart revealed that they were, in fact, just a precursor to the actual new 'do, which features a pop of pink:

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Oh! Hi! These pink tips are it, people. Stewart debuted the color at the Deauville American Film Festival, and it's full-blown punk perfection.

And rather than just let the pink hue do the talking, Stewart dressed up her new strands with a bevy of black barrettes. This look is so major:

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The above hairstyle was the work of stylist Ken O'Rourke, who I will refer to from this moment forward as the Baron of Barrettes, a title which he has obviously earned, as evidenced by this straight-up masterpiece.

And if you think pink is too ~girly~ a color for an edgy, rocker look, just take a peek at how punk it looks when it fades. Ugh, so good:

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This has to be Kristen Stewart's most Kristen Stewart look to date. Does that make sense?

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TBH, this look almost had me booking a haircut and color appointment, but then this tweet brought me back down to earth. That was a close one:

Sad but true, I could never pull off such a bold haircut and color — plus, I most likely couldn't afford a styling sesh with the Baron of Barrettes, so why even bother? That said, I'm all for living vicariously through Kristen Stewart and her new hairdo, because she really seems to be living her best life, and I couldn't be happier for her. Live those pink-haired dreams, Kristen! You're doing amazing, sweetie!