Kourtney & Scott’s Astrological Compatibility Shows A Strong Bond

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There's just something about Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's love that makes it hard not to root for a reunion someday. Maybe it's the years of watching their ups and downs, or the beautiful way these two co-parent their three children. Or maybe it's something a little more cosmic, like the fact that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's astrological compatibility is just so full of potential. Whether it's romantic or just a strong bond, they have the kind of connection that can last a lifetime. So, is it any wonder now that Disick's single again, and Kourtney seems to be wearing his flannels, that fans are crossing their fingers for a rekindling? Although sources close to the two told People they're just "incredibly close," this will-they-won't-they vibe's typical of a Gemini and Aries pairing because the chemistry and camaraderie is just so easy for them.

Kardashian was born Apr. 18, 1979, under the sign of Aries and Disick’s birthday is May 26, 1983, which makes him a Gemini. When these two signs come together, it's exciting, dynamic, and the chemistry's electric. Over time, this bond doesn't lose any of its potency, because both signs love to spar and tease one another as a battle for dominance — playfully. While others might find this dynamic to be too adversarial, it's the glue that binds these two signs. Here's what else we can divine about Kardashian and Disick's connection based on their zodiac signs.

They never run out of things to say to one another.

When Gemini and Aries come together, the banter between them's epic. They're both very confident in their intellect and love a friendly battle of wits. In a romantic sense, these contests serve as a form of foreplay, while as friends it's just how these two have fun and play with one another. This open dialog also means that they can communicate with each other effectively, and understand one another in ways other people just don’t get. This kind of “seeing” one another helps to forge a powerful bond between these two signs.

There's no shortage of passion in their connection.

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Both Gemini and Aries are passionate, powerful signs, and this creates a lot of tension — which can either be channeled into a highly passionate connection, or it can make things a bit volatile. It's not surprising to see a Gemini and Aries couple make up and break up multiple times, because they just can't seem to fully let go of one another. When things are romantic, bedroom time for this couple is hot, full of desire, and loaded with curiosity. Sexual ruts are few and far between, because they know how to keep things fresh and interesting in the bedroom.

Jealousy and trust are their biggest hurdles.

Where Aries and Gemini matches tend to struggle the most is around issues of trust. Gemini’s reputation for quickly losing interest and moving on makes Aries uneasy. Add to that Gemini’s highly sociable nature and tendency to get easily distracted, and Aries’ jealous issues can come to the fore. And when Aries gets angry, they want to get even. This can turn into a dangerous tit-for-tat that leads to more jealousy, suspicion, and resentment. If Aries and Gemini aren't able to fall back on their good communication skills and recenter their focus on working through issues together, this can swiftly lead to a breakup for these two.

Aries and Gemini duos like Kardashian and Disick ultimately do compliment each other well. They both have a ton of energy, although they channel it in different ways. For Aries, it's all about actions and forward momentum, and for Gemini it's about knowledge and understanding. Together, they have power couple potential, whether that's romantically (someday, fingers crossed) or just as they reportedly are now, as close friends.