LMK If You Can Pick Kim K Out Of This Photo Featuring A Bunch Of Her Clones, Because I Can't

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did we just jump hundreds of years into the future? Because a certain Kardashian sister appears to have cloned herself and while we might be close to having the technology to make that happen it sure as heck isn't legal yet. Kim Kardashian's photos for her Carolina Lemke campaign feature an army of very convincing look-alikes that will definitely make you do a double-take and ask yourself if the Kardashian-Jenner crew was just reunited with a handful of long lost siblings. Yeah, the resemblance really is that uncanny—try and pick out the real Kardashian of the bunch and see how long it takes.

Before the campaign broke this morning I honestly hadn't heard of Carolina Lemke. Even upon seeing the images featuring as many as five Kardashians in one shot sporting cherry red lipstick, head-to-toe black outfits, silky black hair, and statement shades I wasn't 100 percent sure what the actual product being marketed was. But after a quick Google search I discovered that Lemke is a Berlin-based sunglasses designer, which makes total sense after giving the campaign another once-over. According to Lemke's website, you'll be able to access a collection pre-drop on March 19 if you sign up beforehand so if Kardashian-style sunnies are your sartorial M.O. you should hop on that list stat.

Kardashian revealed the collaboration on her Instagram this morning with a post captioned, "Coming soon. Follow my vision with 📷 @mertalas@macpiggott." The post featured a slideshow containing three images, the first and third of which star not one, not two, but six Kim K's. Sporting full-coverage sunglasses with both gold and red flash lenses as well as matching outfits and hairstyles, the models all make for incredibly convincing Kardashians—it's nearly impossible to figure out which one is the real deal.

Instagram fan account kkwmafia posted a behind-the-scenes photo from the campaign shoot that might help clear things up a bit. Or, honestly, it might just make them all the more confusing.

The photo shows Kardashian posing between two of her look-alikes, who clearly star in the campaign shoot alongside her, which begs the question of whether or not five Kardashian clones were actually scouted for the shoot. It would seem to make more sense that Kardashian and the two above models were the only ones shot for the campaign and that the images featuring six models really just include double renderings of each person. Leave it to Kardashian to turn a simple fashion campaign into a very chic mystery that needs solving.

In regards to the sunglasses themselves, they're exactly what you might expect from the beauty mogul-slash-style icon. Both the red and gold pairs that the campaign provides a sneak peek of boast a sporty single-lens design and their bright red and classic gold hues make them all the more punchier.

They're not unlike styles that we've seen Kardashian in before and if one thing's for certain it's that the woman certainly sticks to her own brand of style.