Kim K Just Shared A Photo Of North & Chicago Hanging Out Looking Cooler Than You Ever Will

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Kim Kardashian posts the cutest photos of her kids. And thank god for that, cause Kanye West isn't on social media, so we sure as hell aren't going to get pictures from him. Every couple of posts, Kim K will share a sweet shot of North, Saint, and/or Chi being all cute and what not, and Kim Kardashian's photo of North and Chicago hanging out together at home in their PJs is adorable as hell.

The photo, posted on Sunday, Feb. 17, shows North and Chicago West chilling out in what appears to be their house. The two sisters are sitting in their PJs, their glorious curly hair on display. North looks surprisingly happy to be getting her photo taken with her sibling, and Chicago looks like she's... honestly kind of confused. But it's all hella cute! Kim K posted the photo and simply captioned it, "My girls 💕."

And these two girls are about to gain another brother! Kim Kardashian confirmed in a January interview with Andy Cohen that she and Kanye West are expecting their fourth baby. The mom of three confirmed they opted for the surrogate route again like they did with Chicago, and that the baby is a little boy set to arrive "sometime soon."

Multiple outlets reported in January that Kimye's fourth baby was already on the way. A source told Us Weekly at the time that the little boy is due "in very early May" and that the baby was the last remaining embryo the couple had from their previous surrogacy experience.

Kardashian confirmed the baby rumors to be true on Watch What Happens LIVE! not long after those reports surfaced.

"We are," Kardashian said when Cohen asked about the rumors. She added that the baby is coming "sometime soon."

“It’s a boy, I think it’s been out there,” she told Cohen, adding, “I got drunk at our Christmas Eve party and told some people. I can’t remember who I told because I never get drunk." Oops! Get ready for a fourth Kimye baby to be added to these sibling photoshoots, fam.

How cute are these two?!

North and Chi are both looking a lot like their mama in that pic. Let's be real, Chicago is basically a Kim Kardashian part two when you look at old photos of Kardashian next to photos of Chi.

Here's little Chicago playing outside:

And here's Baby Kim playing outside:

There's just a bit (read: a lot) of a resemblance there.

Let's circle back to North West's happy face in that photo of her and Chi, though. 'Cause this is rare.

North, as we all well know by now, rarely looks like she's having fun in pictures with her siblings.

Exhibit A:

Kardashian revealed in an interview on Ashley Graham's podcast that North actually wanted another baby brother around so she doesn't have to hang out with Saint. LOL, if that's not an oldest-sibling mood, I don't know what is.

"She’s beyond jealousy now," Kardashian said on Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast in October 2018. "She’s just like, ‘It’s my world.' She said to me the other day, ‘Mom … we just need to have another baby brother so that Saint can just leave me alone … so the girls can be on this side of the house and the boys can be on that side of the house.’"

Tell us how you really feel, North!