You Can Now Shop Any Outfit You See, Thanks To Kim K's New Shazam-Style Fashion App

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's a familiar plight: You scroll Instagram and alternate between saving and taking screenshots of outfits you like, that you definitely plan to copy later. But later never happens, because life happens. In a surprising twist of fate, you can thank the new Kim Kardashian app, ScreenShop, for ending this unfulfilling cycle of outfits unworn.

Say what? Next time you're browsing through #OOTD photos from your go-to celebrities and Instagram influencers, instead of simply double tapping or bookmarking the photos, take a screenshot. In the wake of her success from the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game app, Kardashian West has put her name behind another genius business venture. Her new app, ScreenShop, provides instant access to your favorite style finds for free.

Once you've downloaded ScreenShop, screenshot your favorite style finds on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, your web browser, or whatever your app of choice may be. ScreenShop will not only tell you where to find similar items at a range of prices, but it lets you shop them in real time. If you enable notifications, the app even recognizes when you take a screenshot with purchasable fashion items in it, and uploads the photo for you. Can you say intuitive AF, if not kinda creepy?

ScreenShop is actually well-crafted and user-friendly, as I found out when I hit DL and took it for a test drive.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

A coincidence of massive proportions, my Instagram was open to Kardashian West's page, on a photo of her and Kourtney looking stylish as ever. I took a screenshot of the post, and the app notified me literally seconds later that the photo was processed and I could start browsing.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

First, it honed in on Kourtney's outfit, which has several components to it. The app defaults to sorting the results by closest resemblance to the pic. You can also filter the results by brand, and view them by price. I've always believed there are two types of online shoppers, those who scroll willy-nilly and those who sort results starting with the lowest priced goods. Clicking on that "Price, low to high" button is basically muscle memory for me at this point.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

Upon making that frugal-minded switch, none of these striped pants that popped up first were a dead ringer for Kourtney's. As I kept scrolling, I saw better options.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

Amazingly, ScreenShop even picked up on Kourtney's dainty necklace, and offered up some insanely similar pieces. I must admit that my own naked eyes hadn't noticed her delicate accessory, and it was so cool that ScreenShop pointed it out.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

With just a few taps of my finger, I was able to recreate what I'm sure is an exorbitantly expensive look for a total of $66. Bible, that's amazing. With Kourtney handled and money remaining, I switched over to see what ScreenShop would do with Kimmy K's intriguing get-up.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

Kardashian West's look keeps up with her current, minimalist style, and her nude-colored tank was no match for this futuristic app. It quickly spouted out near carbon-copies in a range of prices.

Screenshop/Alison Turka

Ruched and texturized, Kimmy's pants are decisively more unique. Even so, the first two results ScreenShop culled were spot-on and crazy affordable. Also, the app alleviated the potentially scary results of what a Google search for "sheer pants" would bring up.

Interestingly, ScreenShop didn't pick up on Kardashian West's translucent heels, and knowing how often she wears that style shoe, it would be great to know where I can also get them. But I can forgive the app of this one shortcoming, considering the shoes are literally clear. All in all, ScreenShop was a pretty seamless and helpful experience. I may be in trouble now, considering how many outfits I screenshot on a daily basis.

Kardashian West described the process behind developing ScreenShop, saying, "We spent well over a year getting this all together and ready to be what it is today, which is something I've never seen before. I’ve never seen an app where you can screenshot something, and within seconds bring up a whole digital fashion store to be able to pick out from all range prices and sizes of similar things to what you're wearing. That’s super exciting to me, so I just knew right away that I wanted to be involved."

To sum it up, ScreenShop lets you browse your favorite social media sites, uninterrupted, and enables you to shop your favorite looks once you're done doling out likes. You can even favorite pieces you like to easily locate them later, or see what a whole outfit would look like. ScreenShop is available for download on the Apple and Android app stores, and IMHO, it should already be on your phone at this point. This is not an #ad, it's just that awesome.