What Kim K Spends Her Sponsored Post Earnings On May Surprise You

Adrian Edwards/GC Images/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has never been one to shy away from sponsored posts. The reality star shares #ads with her 150 million IG followers for everything from fat-burning tea and lollipops to teeth whitening kits, waist trainers, and gummy vitamins for longer, stronger hair. It's been reported that Keeks can rake in up to a cool $1 million per ad, and in a recent interview with The New York Times, Kim Kardashian revealed how she spends her sponsored post earnings. What she does with the money was actually kind of surprising, TBH.

But let's back up for a sec, because while posting a pic of yourself sucking on a lolly or rocking a waist trainer may seem like easy work, sharing this type of #sponcon is not without its pitfalls. Back in March 2019, Kardashian defended herself and her paid-for posts after she was called out on social media for an Insta ad that featured her hawking a meal replacement shake.

"You're going to get backlash for almost everything," Kardashian told The New York Times in the wake of the public lashing. "So long as you like it or believe in it, or it's worth it financially — whatever your decision may be — as long as you're OK with that."

Eight months later, Kardashian is back in the news defending her sponsored posts. Only, this time, when she spoke to The New York Times, KKW shared a different, much deeper reason for accepting paid Instagram work. She'll now share a sponsored post with her fans even if it's a "little off-brand," she admitted, in order to finance her legal work.

Here's what she told the publication on Nov. 6:

I am really cautious about what I spend. So if I overspend on something and a paid post happens to come in at that time, I'll weigh it out and think, 'OK, well I have to pay for x, y and z.' Now, it’s a little bit more personal for me. If I have a paid post that comes in and I think, ‘OK, well this can fund x amount of people that are behind bars, that can help free them with simple legal fees that they just can’t afford, then that would be worth it to me, even if the post might be a little bit off-brand for me.’ I really weigh out different things now than I used to.”

In case you forgot, Kardashian has helped free 17 inmates from federal prison to date, and she's currently studying to become a lawyer. So she's definitely putting those extra bucks she gets from sponsored ads to good use, even if you don't agree with how she earned them.