North West and Kim Kardashian step out in neon outfits.

Kim K Posted The Sweetest Photo Making Funny Faces With North

Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is not a regular mom, she's a cool mom, and that's a certified fact. If you need proof, just open Instagram. Kardashian and her eldest daughter, North West, took to social media on Dec. 3 with a pic that will have your heart bursting at the seams, and will also probably make you laugh. The mother-daughter duo has been known to snap a selfie together now and then, but their latest is next-level adorbs. Kim Kardashian and North's funny-faced selfie perfectly showcases how tight their bond is.

Not many daughters can say they're excited to take a social media selfie with their parents, and, in fact, mine probably doesn't even know how to use Instagram. But North looked so ready for her appearance on mum's 'Gram. With 153 million people on IG watching Kardashian's every move, one can hardly blame her.

While North's adorably goofy angry face in the pic is no shocker, Kardashian playing along with a silly face of her own may come as a surprise (she's usually so buttoned up and perfect on the 'Gram, after all). Their joint pic had them looking like absolute besties, and it had mother-daughter goals written all over it.

Check out the duo's hilarious Instagram selfie for yourself below.

Not only are these two looking more like twins every day, but North truly is Kardashian's mini-me. In fact, she's a total beauty maven, just like her momma.

“She loves makeup but her dad won’t let her wear it,” Kardashian told E! News in September. “I think he had it, he changed all the rules. I’d let her wear, you know, she has a little red for Christmas, I’d let her wear a red lip, or I’d let her do one pop of something. I’d let her if she’s wearing a black dress, a black lip. Kylie would give her all of these lip kits, so I kind of got in trouble for that."

OK, North may be a little young to be rocking makeup, but she's definitely already inherited her mom's flawless fashion sense, and judging from their latest selfie, she's got her fun-loving spirit, too.