Kim K Defended Kylie's Face Wash Tutorial The Way Only A Big Sister Can

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In light of the backlash that Kylie Jenner has received from her Kylie Skin line, Kim Kardashian is jumping in with a dose of her trademark humor, and she's proving she has her sister's back. In a series of clips shared to the Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram Story on Friday, May 31, Kim Kardashian defended Kylie Jenner's face wash video with a response that pokes fun at the criticism while also teasing her younger sister. While visiting the Kylie Skin showroom, the KKW Beauty founder shared her two cents on the controversy surrounding a video where Jenner could be seen washing her face with the Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash — and it's just as hilarious as you'd expect.

On Friday, Kardashian made a surprise appearance with Jenner in a few videos shared to the Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram Story. Considering that the mom-of-four is the owner of her own makeup company and a beauty guru in her own right, it made sense that she was Jenner's companion as they toured the new Kylie Skin showroom and examined the products.

It's been a rough week for the billionaire, who was first dragged for debuting a walnut shell skin care line that could potentially cause tears and long-term damage to the skin. Just days later, Twitter roasted the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star for sharing a promo video where she can be seen washing her face for approximately 10 seconds and leaving a heavy layer of foundation behind on her towel after wiping her face.

Twitter might have been divided over Jenner's face-washing technique, but Kardashian West is backing up her little sister and explaining exactly why the video was as brief as it was. In short, you shouldn't believe everything you see on Instagram.

"I'm gonna teach you guys how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face, and b*tches, I only have 10 seconds," Kardashian joked, revealing that Jenner only had 10 seconds to film the video. "What else do you want me to do in 10 seconds? I would have done the same exact thing."

She continued, "Should I pick every single product, because we know it’s sold out so, guys, what is the big deal here with a 10-second video? That’s all she got."

That didn't mean that Kylie was completely in the clear though, as Kardashian then started teasing the 21-year-old about her brief face wash and the so-called miraculous after effects of the product. Demonstrating the technique herself with the Snapchat baby filter, Kardashian quipped, "All right, after that 10-second face wash tutorial. this is now what I look like. I have such a youthful complexion now!"

Laughing, she continued, "Kylie Skin is the fountain of youth, people. All you need is three seconds — I didn’t even need a whole 10 seconds. I now look like a baby. I love this Kylie Skin."

Jenner took the teasing from her big sister in stride, joking, "You're an a**" in the background.

Ever the businesswoman, Kardashian managed to playfully plug one of Jenner's other products — the Kylie Skin Makeup Removing Wipes — while continuing to make playful jabs at the star.

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Referencing the critiques over the amount of foundation that was left on the towel during Jenner's face washing video, Kardashian held the wipes up and continued, "You know what actually, you know what the main point she left out was? She left out that you use these wipes first. Before you get the foundation off."

"Give me my phone," Jenner retorted, pulling the phone away from Kardashian. "You're so mean to me."

From the sounds of things, it looks like Jenner isn't letting the backlash over her skin care line get her down. Plus there's nothing quite like some sister banter to help you shake off the haters.