KFC Released Gravy-Infused Cocktail Recipes & They Actually Sound Good

As the weekend approaches and the countdown to a Friday happy hour ticks closer, you might find yourself racking your brain for the perfect post-work beverage. Well, look no further than your favorite finger-lickin' fast-food chain, because KFC has introduced some unique recipes for KFC-inspired libations. There is one catch, though (if you were looking for someone to whip up a drink for you): You'll have to craft your own drink using KFC's gravy cocktails recipes — since they're not available in the restaurants.

While making a drink for yourself might not sound fun at first, rest assured that Kentucky Fried Chicken has done most of the leg work for you by fully venturing into the world of "stocktails," which is a cocktail mixed with meat broth (yep, it's 2018 alright). You can thank the KFC UK and Ireland team for dreaming up these gravy-centric drink recipes, according to The Independent. Across the pond, they've created three different KFC cocktails that you can make right at home using their famous gravy.

Even though the recipes were created across the pond, you can leave your passport in the drawer as you choose to make The Gravy Mary, The Finglerlickin' Sour, or The Southern Twist. When it comes to pleasing your palette, you'll be happy to know that you can go with vodka in the The Gravy Mary, bourbon in The Southern Twist, or you can get even more adventurous (yes, more adventurous than a "stocktail" itself) with the mezcal featured in the The Fingerlickin' Sour.

If you're a bit dubious of the liquor-gravy combo, I feel ya — but KFC has supplied some cool video accompaniment for the three drinks on the KFC UK and Ireland YouTube channel that might change your mind. Fair warning: After watching the mesmerizing recipe videos, you might just find yourself craving a good old-fashioned stocktail (seriously, the craftsmanship put into these craft "stocktails" is good enough convert you).

When you inevitably get the urge to mix up a KFC cocktail of your own, then you're in luck no matter where you are, because KFC UK and Ireland has also supplied the necessary recipes for the three drinks on the website. All three drinks use KFC gravy (of course), but you're likely to have the other ingredients right there on your bar cart. Plus, if you decide to go with The Gravy Mary, there is a suggested garnish of KFC Popcorn Chicken — yes, please.

The Gravy Mary is, per its name, is a take on a Bloody Mary — so you'll need to procure all the similar ingredients you'd use for the classic, but don't forget the KFC gravy and Popcorn Chicken.

KFC UK and Ireland/YouTube

The Southern Twist sounds like it would go great with a Kentucky Derby party given that bourbon is a main player in the drink. You'll be sure to impress your guests with the brown sugar and parsley rim, too.

KFC UK and Ireland/YouTube

The Fingerlickin' Sour has a pretty pink hue, but you'll have to work for it since this mezcal cocktail involves some freezer time. If your final product looks anything like KFC's version, then the work will definitely be worth it (do it for the 'gram).

KFC UK and Ireland/YouTube

Once again, all three of these concoctions require KFC gravy, so feel free to add whatever KFC "garnish" you'd like (even if you're not making The Gravy Mary).

KFC is no stranger to trying out new things, but they usually keep it within their wheelhouse (see: KFC's Hot Honey Chicken). This time, though, KFC went all out — and now you can taste for yourself if the fast-food chain famous for its chicken is on the right path with these new boozy concoctions.

And don't worry if you mess up one of your gravy creations, because you can always use up the rest of the gravy with a bucket of Original Recipe or Extra Crispy.

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