Kendall Had A Mysterious Response To A Meme About Her Dating NBA Players

by Candice Jalili
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I love myself a good celebrity clap-back and Kendall Jenner's tweet about dating basketball players is no exception. Jenner normally keeps relatively quiet about her romantic life, but on July 16 she responded to a tweet claiming she's dated five NBA players in a way that raises a lot of questions.

Before we get into Jenner's absolutely *chef's kiss* response, let me give you a little backstory on the tweet she was responding to. A user who goes by @knicks_tape99 reposted a meme that wrote, "Starting five of NBA Players Kendall Jenner Dated," above photos of basketball players D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma and Blake Griffin. A rep for Kuzma told Elite Daily that he and the supermodel have not dated; reps for the other players and Jenner did not respond in time for publication.

Upon seeing the meme, Jenner decided to set the record straight with a response that was nothing short of epic. She retweeted the post with this magnificent comment: "2 out of 5 accurate, thanks."

Mic. Friggin. Drop.

OK, so... yeah. We're all pretty confused now, right? Like, which two?! C'mon, help a sister out!

The most obvious one that Jenner actually dated is Ben Simmons. We know this because Jenner herself admitted she'd been dating him "for a bit now" during an appearance onThe Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2019.

But Jenner wasn't in a rush to make things super serious. “I’m very young, and right now I feel like relationships aren’t always super certain, and I don’t want to bring too much attention to something if you don’t really know long term [what it’s going to be]," she told Vogue Australia of her relationship with Simmons during an interview published in May. "A relationship is only meant to be between two people, and the second you make it the world’s business is when it starts messing with the two people mentally. Like once everyone is let in, you’re letting all these opinions into your relationships, and I don’t think that’s fair.”

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Shortly after that interview was published, E! News reported that the pair had split after one year of casually being together on May 23. (Now his sister's slut-shaming her on Twitter, but that's neither here nor there.)

OK, so that's Simmons. But who's the other one? Some fans speculated that Jenner was dating Lakers star Kuzma after she was spotted on a yacht with him on 4th of July. That being said, sources confirmed to TMZ on July 9 that the pair are just friends.

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The person she's more realistically referring to is Blake Griffin, who Vogue confirmed she was dating when she graced their cover back in March 2018.

"Indeed, she is dating Blake Griffin, the Detroit Pistons power forward," wrote Jonathan Van Meter, the reporter profiling her. "She refuses to confirm this fact, but one of the reasons we can be fairly certain is that the day after Valentine’s Day she calls me from Michigan, and when I ask why she’s there she says coyly, 'I’m visiting a friend.' When I ask point-blank if she has a boyfriend, she says, 'I like my private life.' Pause. 'Yeah . . . no. I’m happy. He’s very nice. I have someone being very nice to me.'"

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OK, so that settles that! Jenner may not be ready to confirm them out loud, but I'm going to go ahead and put my money on Griffin and Simmons as the two she was referring to.