Kylie & Kendall Had The Most Hilarious Sisterly Argument On Instagram

Donato Sardella/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Millions of people around the world are scrambling to find new hobbies while they're self-quarantined due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Kylie Jenner has been open about how she's dealing with the at home isolation and revealed it's not a problem for her. On Sunday, March 22, it seems Jenner spent some time flipping through old photos, and decided to share a pic of her and sis Kendall Jenner on Instagram, and what came next was hilarious. Kendall Jenner's response to Kylie's sports bra photo is not what fans expected.

Kylie hasn't stopped sharing her daily at-home activities on IG since mid-March. Along with her pics, Kylie has also continued to encourage her fans to stay home and shared her tips for staying busy, telling followers:

Toward the end of my pregnancy, helicopters would fly over my house every day so I was scared to even go outside. But, it was my choice to do that so I never let myself get bored. I watched movies, I read books, I would do full spa days and take long baths, do masks, take care of my skin, take care of my hair ... I did so many puzzles when I was pregnant. Puzzles [are] underrated.

On Sunday, though, Kylie appeared to be missing her family during these times. "Throwback," she captioned a snap of her and Kendall wearing matching white sports bras.

Less than an hour after Kylie posted the pic, Kendall left a comment that read: "Aren't we fighting?"

Without missing a beat, Kylie had the perfect response. "@kendalljenner yes but my titties are sitting nice in this pic." So, there's that. Maybe she wasn't missing her sis and really just liked the way she looked in the photo.

Khloé Kardashian joined the conversation commenting, "I miss us."

While it's unclear if Kylie and Kendall are actually fighting, if they are, it's likely just some sisterly beef that'll pass before before you even get the chance to double-tap Kylie's gorgeous photo.

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