You Can Get Hair Like Kendall Jenner (Sans Glam Team) With This Affordable Hair Tool Collection

Photo Courtesy of Formawell Beauty

Kim and Kylie aren’t the only Kardashians/Jenners launching beauty products that sell out in literal seconds—Kendall Jenner’s Formawell Beauty hair tools collection can now be added to the ever-expanding Kardashian empire, and it’s hard to imagine these affordable tools not selling out super-fast.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kendall is the first Kardashian to collaborate on a hair tools line (not counting the namesake Kardashian Beauty-brand hair tools), and of course, the product is as luxe as she is. With high-quality, professional-grade designs, yet low, affordable prices, the new Formawell Beauty collection features a unique blend of natural post-volcanic minerals married to 24k gold dust, or an “Ionic-Gold Fusion.” Not only are the tools a total steal, but they’re also super sexy, too, with sleek white packaging accented with rose gold plating.

According to the brand, the collection is meant to promote two key benefits, including “ultra-shiny and conditioned hair due to high levels of negative ions and infrared energy from 24K gold and copper minerals, and to make effortless, easy-breezy, long-lasting styles.”

The line includes three hair tools, each infused with the Ionic-Gold Fusion. The Runway Series Ionic Pro RS Dryer ($120, uses 24K Gold and Copper minerals to cut down your drying time and create sleek, frizz-free hair.

Courtesy of Formawell Beauty

Plus, it comes with dual-heat and airflow options, so you can cater the dryer to your needs (like using a low airflow setting to dry curls or switching to the low heat settling when your hair is mostly dry already). The best part about this gadget is that it only weighs one pound! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate heavy blow dryers (my arms are little weaklings) and will always opt for a lighter one.

Courtesy of Formawell Beauty

The next product in the new line includes the Runway Series One Inch Pro RS Curl ($80, which promises “bouncy curls that last longer, are more conditioned, and boast an unparalleled shine,” thanks to the Ionic-Gold Fusion technology. The magic wand can reach temperatures up to 430°F, has a one-inch barrel, and includes a “non-tangling” cord.

Courtesy of Formawell Beauty

The third product in the line is the Runway Series One Inch Pro RS Iron ($100, This sleek little guy is as lightweight as it looks and will make your hair super straight and uber shiny. Featuring a digital LED screen with temperatures that can reach 450°F, this flat-iron not only straightens your hair, but also has rounded styling surfaces so that you can create curls with it, too. I, personally, haven’t mastered curling my hair with a straightener yet, but it is definitely possible with lots of patience and practice!

If Kendall uses any of these products, I’d guess her go-to would be the hair straightener because... have we ever seen her hair curly before? OK, perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic, but I do feel like Kendall opts for straight hair over a head of curls most days. Whether you choose to purchase the flatiron, blow dryer, or curling iron (or all three), I’ll bet you can come pretty close to achieving Kendall-level hair, without the five-person glam team.