Kendall Jenner Debuted Chocolate Brown Hair Amid A String Of Color Changes

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Pietro D'aprano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to changing up her hair, Kendall Jenner used to leave the major color transformations to sisters Kim and Kylie. However, over the past few months, the model has shocked everyone by straying away from her natural dark brown locks and playing with other hues. Most recently, Jenner debuted chocolate brown hair, and it's a lighter take on her signature shade.

On Sunday, Dec. 15, Los Angeles-based hair colorist Cassondra Kaeding posted a video of Jenner running her fingers through her hair, and when the camera zooms in on her strands, you can see her new color more vividly. It looks as though Kaeding colored Jenner's roots a dark chocolate brown (close to her signature shade) and then used the trendy babylights technique to add caramel highlights throughout.

In January 2019, Matrix Celebrity Colorist, George Papanikolas, told Elite Daily he predicted babylights being a huge hair trend. (So what better time for Jenner to take part in the trend than a few weeks before the year is over?) Babylights are essentially freehand highlights that "give an overall refined, sophisticated take on 'natural' hair colors." They differ from the popular balayage technique in that babylights are subtler than a balayage's bolder color contrast.

As mentioned, this isn't Jenner's first color change-up of 2019. Back in September, she had a quick stint as a blonde for the Burberry spring 2020 show during London Fashion Week. Then, almost immediately after her platinum moment, Jenner went back to the dark side with an inky, dark brown hue. Throughout October, the 24-year-old continued to post Instagrams of her dark, glossy mane, but come mid-November, her hair appeared a little lighter.

Jeff Spicer/BFC/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Jenner's recent hair change is still pretty subtle, it seems her hair-dyeing kick continues. Does this mean she will follow in Kylie's footsteps with the drastic color transformations? There's no telling. However, she did look amazing in a pink wig while impersonating Kylie on a recent episode of KUWTK.