Kendall Jenner Is Reportedly Dating Lakers Player Kyle Kuzma

by Korey Lane
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer/ David Livingston / Stringer/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner was single and ready to mingle for a hot second after reportedly ending her relationship with Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons, but it seems like that window has come to a close. Kendall Jenner is reportedly dating Kyle Kuzma, small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, and if reports of them dating are true, they might just be the cutest couple on the planet. Full stop.

After reportedly breaking up with Simmons after one year of dating in May 2019, a source reportedly revealed to E! News that the two were still reportedly on good terms. "Ben and Kendall split recently before the Met Gala," the source reportedly said. "They are still on fine terms and have been in touch."

Now, two months later, it appears that Jenner is ready to move on, and she's doing so in style. According to The Daily Mail, Jenner was reportedly spotted with Kuzma on a boat on the Fourth of July. You can see the photos of them together here, but trust: They definitely looked like they were having a good time. Elite Daily has reached out to representatives for both Jenner and Kuzma for confirmation of these reports, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Now, this is only the first time Jenner and Kuzma have been spotted together, so to be fair, they could totally be just friends. But I definitely got "date" vibes from the photos of them on Fourth of July, and they would make serious power couple.

In fact, since Kuzma plays for the Lakers (based in Los Angeles, where Jenner reportedly resides part-time) it might mean their relationship won't require as much travel as Jenner's relationship with Simmons did. According to the source who reportedly spoke to E! News about Jenner and Simmons' breakup, the distance is what really reportedly got to them. "Kendall knew she had several out of the country trips coming up and thought it would be best if they took some space," she source reportedly said back in May. "It's been hard for them with the time differences and both of their schedules but there is a chance they will get back together." Since Kuzma is already closer to Jenner being in Los Angeles, maybe their situationship will be way more easy breezy.

Considering Jenner's recent comments on her Zaza World Radio show, an Independence Day romantic kindling isn't an improbability for the model. "Fourth of July is arguably my top two favorite holidays," she said on the podcast. "That and Christmas. And Halloween, so top three. Fourth of July is up there for me. I don't know why I love it so much. It's the fireworks and the vibe. I just feel like you should be in love on the fourth of July."

"I just feel like you should be in love on the fourth of July." (!!!) Were you in love on the the fourth of July, Kendall? I am dying to know. Whatever the case, they make a super cute couple and I really hope they're an official capital-T Thing. Here's hoping!