Kellyanne Conway Made The Most Bizarre 'Mean Girls' Reference About Donald Trump

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of the most unforgettable figures in President Donald Trump's White House is in headlines again on Aug. 17 after her comments to reporters at the White House. Kellyanne Conway, who serves as a counselor to the president, is getting major backlash (and more than a few laughs) for her remarks. Kellyanne Conway's "obsessed" comments about Trump has lots of people drawing the same parallels.

Walking back from an appearance on Fox New's Fox & Friends on Friday. Aug. 17, the White House senior adviser was greeted by a gaggle of eager reporters who peppered her with questions about Trump, footage by CSPAN shows.

"Why is everybody so obsessed with the President of the United States that they can't even begin or finish a sentence without mentioning his name five times?" Conway said to the reporters gathered outside the White House Friday. "It's kind of weird." In response, users on Twitter started calling her out.

The comments by Conway come just a day after hundreds of news outlets around the country banded together to push back against Trump's assertion that the media is "the enemy of the people."

In particular, many noticed that her comment sounded oddly familiar; in fact, it was almost exactly like the infamous line delivered by the character Regina George from Mean Girls.

In her appearance on Fox News on Friday, Conway also attacked the press for creating what she called "cynicism." When the host clarified, "Are you saying a free press doesn't matter anymore?" Conway said no.

"It's a bedrock of our democratic society," Conway added, laughing. "But with a free press should come a fair press ... criticism and skepticism have given way to cynicism, and frankly, I see people on TV every day saying things that just aren't true." (Conway didn't clarify which people on TV or which "things" she was referring to that may not be accurate.)

In a subsequent tweet after the exchange, Conway seemed to double down, referencing former CIA Director John O. Brennan, whose security clearance Trump revoked on Aug. 15, seemingly out of the blue.

Other users — some of them White House reporters — responded to Conway's comments with jokes of their own. "She's right," tweeted Adam Best. "We're all way too concerned about an unstable tyrant running the world's most powerful country. Let's focus on the issues that truly matter!"

"Yea why are we talking about the leader of the free world so much?" tweeted CNN's Kaitlan Collins, sharing CSPAN's footage of Conway's comment.

As actress Morgan Fairchild pointed out in a tweet: "They are WH correspondents. That's sort of their job!!!"

And like her boss, Conway's relationship with the press has escalated this week. According to an exchange between her and Washington Post reporter Ben Terris published Aug. 15, Conway in the interview apparently bad-mouthed her husband, George, who is known to be critical of Trump. Per the WaPo exchange, Conway tried to walk back her comments and claim that they were off the record, but the reporter didn't back down. (The transcript detailing the exchange was cringe-worthy.)

But as for Conway's comments Friday that people are "obsessed with the president," by her own logic, this would have damning implications for her boss. If how frequently a person mentions a topic indicates their obsession with it, then it would say a lot about Trump, who has repeatedly touted his crowd size and popularity and decried the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. (In fact, as of Friday, Trump has called it a "Witch Hunt" 115 times on Twitter since taking office.) But hey — apart from Conway — who's counting?